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Monthly Archives: April 2016

5 Best Home Remedies For Acne To Treat Overnight

We all wish for that “flawless” skin without any marks or blemishes, but sadly our skin easily gets infected, resulting in acne. If you already have few on your face, I understand how horrible you must be feeling right now. Happily, there are some great

abs workout

3 Ab Workout Myths That Many People Believe

Today I got back from the gym and while I was there I saw more than 7 people who was wasting their time on ab training that was ineffective. It really blew my mind. It is really sad, especially how almost everyone that goes to

adiphene side effects

Adiphene Weight Loss Supplement: Are There Any Side Effects?

Any time you start any drug, over the counter supplement, or herb, you should research potential side effects. This is particularly true if you already have any health issues. So we’re glad you stopped here. Adiphene Side Effects Currently, there are no empirical studies of

wheatgrass fo acne

The Wheatgrass – A Secret Weapon Of Fighting Acne

Here’s one of those miracle foods that provide so many health benefits that it is sort of crazy we’re not all eating and drinking it right now. For the purpose of this article though, I’ll stick to explaining why this is one of the most