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Monthly Archives: June 2017

body love

Love The Body You Were Born To Have

We are obsessed with our need to have a better body than we do – even if ours is pretty great already. This obsession is evident in the number of weight loss plans you can buy and meals through the mail and weight loss supplements

hair loss women

Women’s Hair Loss: Causes And Solutions

Hair loss is no longer a man’s problem to fear or to seek solutions for improvement. Today more and more women are battling hair loss. Why? Hair runs through a normal cycle of hair growth that lasts two to six years. During those years, ninety


The Benefits Of A Momtourage

No one said being a mother was easy. Whether you’ve got a new baby or younger children, there are times when you may feel tired, frustrated, depressed or lonely. Even happily married mothers can find themselves feeling isolated and alone. What better way to brighten

Gut Dysbiosis

What Is Gut Dysbiosis?

Perhaps one of the most troubling areas for people trying to lose weight is their stomach area. From a beer belly to that little “pooch” most women experience, trying to flatten the stomach can be quite a challenge, even for avid gym goers. Have you

arguing man woman

Tips For Dealing With The Aftermath Of An Argument

No relationship is perfect and arguments come with the territory. Whether the argument is valid, over something silly, or over nothing at all, the aftermath can make or break the strength of your relationship. Regardless of whether you are married or dating, knowing how to

safe piercing

Piercings – How To Have Them Done Safe

Piercings are a great and inexpensive way as an alternative to tattoos, but the risks of piercing can be far more greater if not done properly. When it comes to choosing a professional piercer, many of us automatically assume that if he or she is

Joint Pain

Healthy Joints Today For A Younger You Tomorrow

Approximately 21 million adults suffer from osteoarthritis, and that may not be as surprising a statistic as this: a third to half of all doctor visits deal with musculoskeletal issues. Depending on risk factors such as genetics, jobs or hobbies and overall health, osteoarthritis and

pms beauty tips

How to Feel Beautiful While You Have A PMS

When “Aunt Flow” comes for her monthly visit, most women want to be alone in their misery and mood swings. Cramps, bloating and irritability are enough to make any woman feel unattractive and down in the dumps. But it doesn’t always have to be that