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lip twitching

Lip Twitching: Causes, Treatment, Prevention

Lip twitching is the general term given to the movement of the lips of the quivering of the lips that are involuntary in nature.  This typically means that the person experiencing the lip movement has little or no control over the movement. There is a

morning headaches

It Is Not A Good Sign To Be Waking Up With Headaches

A simple headache while waking up does not augur too well. Particularly if it is accompanied by many more symptoms like sore muscles, paining abdomen, etc. Thus the reason a person consistently keeps waking up with headaches need to be further studied and a possible

best acne treatment main photo

TOP 5: Best Acne Treatment Products Reviews 2018

Acne! The word itself can cause an immense cringe to form around your face. You despise it. So do we! If you’re suffering from acne, you’ve probably tried and tested a lot of different solutions for it. From your grandma’s secret honey blend, to OTC

vomiting bile

Vomiting Bile: Causes, Treatment, Prevention

There are a number of reasons why people should vomit with a yellowish green hue.  Vomiting bile could be the number one culprit of such a vomit and there would not be many other factors that cause a greenish or a yellowish discharge. The primary

Tongue Ulcers

Tongue Ulcers: Causes, Treatment, Prevention

The appearance of spots on the surface of the tongue is taken rather seriously by people.  It is often the painful feeling that a typical tongue ulcer brings about that causes folks to take note of the condition. Tongue ulcers treatment are at times very

armpit care

Itchy Armpits : Causes, Treatment, Prevention

You will certainly start thing about how to treat itchy armpits when you are driving on the fast lane to your office and you start feeling the irritation and burning sensation. You might be forced to pull over and scratch your armpits until you seem

best weight loss diets reviews

Top 6: Best Weight Loss Diet Plans Reviews 2018

With our lives getting busier and everything being more available through clicks, the act of engaging in proper physical activities has reduced to a considerable extent. As such, obesity and its accompanying problems are bothering a lot of us today. Losing weight is a matter