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5 Little Ways To Love Your Life

happinessHappiness is something we all aspire to whether we already have it in spades or we search high and low for just a bit. Whatever your present state-of-mind, you can spruce up your outlook on what you already have and enjoy yourself, your home and your family more than ever with these 5 tips that let the best of you and your life shine through.

1. Discover

Make time to be apart from the world. Don’t feel bad shutting the door to your favorite room or heading off for the day or the weekend to your favorite spot. When you get alone with yourself, you tend to work things out and take a new lease on the tough stuff of life. Give yourself permission to go and recharge. Explain to your family that this is for them and for you. The weekend or the moment has to be guilt-free for it to be effective.

2. Let your personality break free

Take a look around your house, your apartment, your dorm room, your cubicle – does your piece of the world reflect you? It should. It needs to in order for you to be the best you can be. Experiment with color…on the walls, the furniture, your clothes, maybe even your vehicle.

Ask yourself if your décor has just found its way to you or if it really reflects you and energizes while it clams you. If the answer is no, rearrange, have a yard sale, pitch it and replace it. Even small changes can make a big difference.

3. Make your life functional

If you have to fight your way through piles every morning just to find the match to your shoe, you need to get to work to make your life clutter-free. Find a place for everything and get rid of anything that can’t find a place. If you haven’t worn it, used it or remembered you own it in 6 – 8 months, someone else needs it more than you, so give it to them.

4. Invite yourself to every corner of your home

Every house has a room, a chair, a space that is uninviting. Make it a project to fix what you don’t enjoy about your home. Plant a tree in that lonely corner of your yard. Buy a patterned pillow for that old chair and then drag it to another room to see if it fits better somewhere else. Organize your desk with accessories that you enjoy seeing. Consider adding a statue, a painting or a new knickknack. By eliminating an uncomfortable space, you give yourself a new place to retreat and relax.

5. Break all your rules!

Mix and match crazy ideas for home decorating, for outings, for your daily routine, plan a vacation somewhere you’ve never considered by searching for a favorite food and then going to the town or state with the coolest sounding restaurant that serves it. You’ll be surprised what a fun-loving you shows up when you least expect it.

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