Jessie Hope – Beauty Expert

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Jessie Hope is a self-identified nerd with an affinity for beauty, health and diet that stems from an early age.

Introduced to steam facials and clay masks by her father, Jessie spent many childhood evenings pampering herself while guzzling Nesquik and watching Nickelodeon. Her exhaustive attention to skin proved to be fortuitous as she battled overactive sebaceous glands and offensive pore sizes through her teens and early twenties.

After graduating from Northwestern University, nicole traded the Midwest for the east coast. Her penchant for beauty continued, as evidenced by the enabling sales team at Sephora and American Express.

When she’s not testing products or writing, Jessie is nose-deep in the work of a twentieth century literary legend or wide-eyed watching a Bravo reality show unfold.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Tommy Owens – Muscle Building Expert

tommy-owensI am a certified personal trainer from New York. I think like most, my journey in fitness began after a sudden realization that I wasn’t able to get away with the lifestyle I was living.  I began to take note after a passing comment at a party, though the main turning point was after a friend was admitted to hospital because of a bad lifestyle.

I decided to make changes, eating healthily and exercising regularly.  Starting slowly and aiming to make progress week to week it all became a habit and now it’s just part of my everyday life.

Exercising for me is more than merely lifting weights and running around. It’s a time when you can challenge yourself physically and mentally, a time for self reflection and a chance for improvement. I’m not saying that’s some days it isn’t hard, if it wasn’t it wouldn’t be a challenge. The thing is, I’ve never walked away from training thinking “That was a waste of time”.

I’d like to clarify one thing at this time…..I still live. I go out, I still have a beer, I still eat pizza but its all in moderation. Training and eating healthily isn’t the be all and end all. You have to enjoy life.

My programs, both training and nutrition, are about simple, small changes.  I work on helping to integrate healthy eating and an active lifestyle into your daily life, something sustainable, that will help you get the results you want, but will not require a complete upheaval.

What ever your reason for beginning your journey, whatever your goals, you have already done the hardest part by making the decision to start. From here on in it gets easier and more enjoyable every day.

Emily Burke – Weight Loss Expert

Emily BurkeRegistered Dietitian/Nutritionist, and Certified Leap Therapist, and owner of a successful private practice, Boston Functional Nutrition. She has trained for years with experts in the field of functional medicine and embraces a whole body approach to addressing the root causes of health issues.

Her specialties include women’s health, gastrointestinal disorders, and nutrigenomics. She uses unique mind-body strategies to help those with picky palates discover new, delicious ways to enjoy nutritious food, and designs individualized strategies to help restore balance for long term health.

Often sought after for her passion and expertise for various media and speaking opportunities, Emily has consulted with a wide range of organizations and health professionals from Fortune 500 companies to Olympic Athletes. She is also a preceptor for several dietetic internship programs.