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The Benefits Of Natural Deodorants And How They Work

The Benefits of Natural DeodorantsNot many people actually think to use natural deodorants. After all, shop bought deodorants sometimes barely work and they contain loads of ingredients to cover up our sweat so how does a natural deodorant stand a chance?

Natural Deodorants and Their Benefits to the Skin

Natural deodorants may not sound great but their results are generally pretty good, especially if you do not sweat too much. They protect the skin a lot better than shop-bought ones do and they control the sweat naturally without clogging up the pores. Some shop-bought deodorants can actually clog up the pores and make the problem a lot worse but natural deodorants simply eliminate the odor without clogging the pores.

Generally there are two different types of natural deodorants and those include ones to cover up any body odor, and ones that simply improve your own natural scent. Sometimes it is even possible to get natural deodorants which help to stop any scents from occurring in the first place, and they work with the body to make the most of its own odor instead of just masking it.

Overall natural deodorants are definitely nicer to the skin and they are also cheaper too!

How to Create Your Own Unique Natural Deodorant

Creating your own deodorant isn’t as hard as you may think. It all depends upon whether you just want to enhance your own natural scent or if you want to cover your body odor up completely. If you simply want to enhance your scent then the least expensive thing you can do is to take a look at your diet.

It is a well known fact that what we eat affects our bodies in a large variety of ways. Junk food is a major contributor to body odor. Meat is also a really big contributor to body odor so if you eat a lot of meat you could try and cut down. The best food to actually reduce body odor is yoghurt. Yoghurt generally controls and changes the bacteria within the body and this helps to neutralize any body odors.

Alcohol is also another contributor towards body odors and generally most people tend to consume a lot of alcohol per week. So cutting down will obviously help to prevent strong odors. Some good foods to have to naturally improve your body odor include peppermint and sage. Peppermint can be added to water and it should be drunk every hour or so, and sage can be used in a cup of tea.

Other good natural deodorants include lemon and orange peel which are blended together to create a powder. Simply rub the powder onto the skin and it will create a really good, fruity deodorant. If you do not need much protection then a splash of Witch hazel may be more what you need and Chaparral is also a really good external deodorant.

If you do need slightly more protection then a combination of Borax mixed with White Willow Bark is what you need. If you want to make sure that your armpits are as sweet smelling as they could be, you could also add a few drops of Patchouli to the mixture. All of the mentioned are easy to create and they really do not cost a lot compared to shop-bought deodorants.

Generally there are hundreds of natural deodorant recipes online which you can try. They are definitely better for the skin than most deodorants and they do work surprisingly well.

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