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Body Sprays That Will Cool And Refresh For Summer

cooling body sprayIn the warm days and nights of summer, you may find that your regular fragrance products become to potent for everyday wear. Heat can intensify the scent of a fragrance, while perspiration can carry that scent from your body much like an aerosol spray can.

Your best fragrance bet is to tone it down for the summer months, and one of the best ways to do this is with a body spray instead of your regular perfume or cologne. A body spray is light enough to use lavishly all over your body, and many will come with other positive features like moisturizing ingredients and aromatherapy potential.

You can simply substitute your regular perfume with a body spray in the same scent, or you can go a whole new fragrance route for the season that will embrace the sights and smells of summer.

How to Find your Summer Body Spray

The easiest path to a body spray for this summer is to choose from the plethora of options that are available at cosmetic departments or bath and body shops. Even discount stores will offer a wide variety of body sprays to tantalize every olfactory taste.

You can find sprays in a wide range of fragrances as well as prices to fit any and every fragrance need. Many of these sprays will come with moisturizing ingredients, which is not a bad addition to look for since the summer sun can dry out most skin types very quickly.

If you prefer the DIY road, you can create your own body sprays by combining distilled water and essential oils of your choice. Some popular options in essential oils for summer include lemon, orange and cucumber.

A small bit of witch hazel will also bring a toning and cooling effect to your recipe. If you decide to design your own sprays, it is best to use a recipe, at least at the beginning, to ensure that you have a good ratio of oils to water that will benefit your skin. Beyond the basics, you can craft your own customized fragrance with your individualized blend of oils for a scent that is all about you.

How to Use your Summer Body Spray

One way to ensure that your body spray will keep you cool and fresh is to chill it in the refrigerator for a short amount of time before spraying. You can also do your own fragrance layering by beginning your morning with a shower using a scented body gel. Follow up with a moisturizer, and then spritz your matching body spray liberally all over before dressing.

The other great thing about a body spray is that you can apply touchups throughout the day whenever you feel the need for a cooling pick-me-up.

Body sprays are a great way to feel fresh and smell yummy all summer long. Pick up a couple in your favorite scents, and you will be ready to survive summer in the coolest style.

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