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Business Fashion Tips For The Corporate Woman

Business Fashion Tips for the Corporate WomanWomen advancing in the corporate world are now a common sight, compared to just a few decades ago when the only job positions most could obtain dealt with being a secretary. Being in this type of workplace requires a particular dress code and for women entering the corporate world for the first time, knowing what threads to wear on a daily basis could be intimidating at first. With time and experience (as well as the following outfit suggestions), any woman can look her best at the office.

For some reason there always seems to be two extremes when it comes to women’s fashion in the corporate world: a power suit that eliminates any traces of femininity or an ensemble that’s too feminine and – to some – a bit too showy for the office. However, it is possible to have the best of both worlds, which many corporate women are beginning to understand and execute (thank goodness!).

Those needing a little bit of guidance in this department can use the following ensembles as inspiration. As you become more comfortable pairing certain fashion items, feel free to experiment with your look—it doesn’t hurt to also make friends with another female power player at your company whose fashion sense you admire in order to find out where she gets her threads from.

Outfit #1

The Foundation: White collar shirt with trousers. Hey, you’ve gotta start somewhere, right? The good thing is that white collar shirts can be found at great prices anywhere. Feel free to choose from a short or long sleeved, button-up white collar shirt, as well as trousers in any color, from black to gray or brown/tan.

The Fashion: Spice up this otherwise bland outfit by adding a decorative/colorful scarf and high heels with a fun print/design. Such additions may seem small but add just the right touch of fashion in a way that works in perfect balance with your white collar shirt and trousers.

Outfit #2

The Foundation: The famous “power suit.” Believe it or not, it is possible to wear a power suit to the office without your coworkers wondering if they should say, “Yes, Sir” or “Yes, Ma’am.”

The Fashion: Instead of opting for the traditional black power suit, go for a completely different color altogether. Shades of brown or soft pastel colors are ideal. However, you’ll want to avoid bolder colors such as bright red or sunshine yellow. If you want to experiment with lighter colors, choose a shade that is more toned down or muted. Because the entire suit will be this solid color, you won’t have to go overboard with the shade since it will already make an impact on its own.

An option for those that want to wear a black power suit include adding sparkly jewelry and/or accessories, as well as a killer pair of stiletto heels—preferably a pair you can comfortably walk around in.

Outfit #3

The foundation: The oh-so-favorite pencil skirt. Perfect for a number of body types, any corporate woman will feel businesslike and feminine. A traditional black pencil skirt is a great starting point.

The Fashion: The possibilities really are endless with this one! Some ideal pairings with a pencil skirt include but are not limited to a plaid top with a trendy vest, ruffle trim sweater, cashmere cardigan or tailored blouse in a variety of colors/designs.

Outfit #4

The Foundation: A nice dress.

The Fashion: The dress itself! Choosing the right style, design and fit can make all the difference. Sweater dresses and wrap dresses are all the rage.

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