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Can Salons Spread Infections?

Can Salons Spread InfectionsAs a frequent salon customer myself, I never gave much thought to everyday things that carry and spread infection, and I never knew just how much risk I was taking by frequenting salons without knowing the risks.

As a writer here at Birthorderplus, and after researching the risk of infection that we all take in pursuing beauty, I must say that I will never pursue salon treatment again without proper precaution, I will tell every woman I know about these seemingly hidden risks, and that, by far, most women have no idea as to just how much risk they expose themselves to.

I Never Knew!

If you think about it logically, all of the treatments we receive in a salon have a number of ways of spreading infection. It just doesn’t seem to be something we think about. Well, you should. Salons can, and do, spread infectious disease and most do not use adequate sterilization. This is a scary fact considering what’s out there these days.

Items such as nail files, scissors, clippers, needles, drills, and cuticle sticks are great ways to spread Hepatitis B and C. In fact, doctors suspect the surge in some Hepatitis B patients that have no explainable cause of transmission, may have possibly contracted the disease from a salon.

How can this happen? When you sit down for your next pedicure or manicure, keep in mind that the previous patient could have had a simple cut, knick, cuticle injury caused by the drill or file, or bleeding callous. Scary huh?

The Possibilities

If the proper precautions are not taken, and research shows that all too common that they are not, salons can spread fungus, bacteria, and disease. This can occur through improper sterilization of instruments, as well as through salon products. Contact Dermatitis, burns, irritation, Hepatitis, and even the deadly Group A Streptococcus, are all possibilities.

How To Protect Yourself

The fact is that risk to salon-goers can be greatly reduced if proper precautions are followed. Salons should be soaking equipment in a chemical germicide in between each client. Still, research shows that the germicide used by most salons isn’t strong enough to kill all bacteria – not even Hepatitis. Your best bet? Bring your own tools. This ensures that you are exposed to no one else’s bacteria and often the salon will sterilize your tools for you after your appointment.

There are specific things to look for in a salon to protect yourself from disease and infection, and if you don’t find them, don’t be afraid to turn around and leave – we’re talking about your life and health here. Salons should always have a visible and posted license. If you choose not to bring your own instruments, make sure the salon uses proper sterilization (autoclaving is best).

Make sure a “germicidal” cleanser is used in between each client, that manicurists wash hands in between each client, and that the salon is well ventilated. And to get back to basics, be aware of the general feel of the salon. If it isn’t a place you could sit down and feel clean in, run!

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