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body love

Love The Body You Were Born To Have

We are obsessed with our need to have a better body than we do – even if ours is pretty great already. This obsession is evident in the number of weight loss plans you can buy and meals through the mail and weight loss supplements

safe piercing

Piercings – How To Have Them Done Safe

Piercings are a great and inexpensive way as an alternative to tattoos, but the risks of piercing can be far more greater if not done properly. When it comes to choosing a professional piercer, many of us automatically assume that if he or she is

pms beauty tips

How to Feel Beautiful While You Have A PMS

When “Aunt Flow” comes for her monthly visit, most women want to be alone in their misery and mood swings. Cramps, bloating and irritability are enough to make any woman feel unattractive and down in the dumps. But it doesn’t always have to be that


Important Questions To Ask A Hair Stylist

Out of all the services most women tend to turn to, the hair salon is perhaps one of the most crucial. It’s fairly easy to learn how to do your own makeup and getting manicures and pedicures are all well and good but nothing feels

woman shaving

How To Choose The Right Razor For Female Skin

For women who shave, finding the right razor is just like finding the right car – you’ve got to find one that fits your needs and that you can deal with on a daily basis. If waxing and other types of depilatories don’t work for

Electric Toothbrush

How To Select An Electric Toothbrush

Good dental care is more about simple hygiene practices, important as these may be. Taking the best care of your teeth will mean a whiter smile, fresher breath and a more attractive you. Your dentist has probably given you plenty of advice and guidance on