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Best Known Skin Hydration Methods

Stratum Corneum is the outermost layer of skin in the epidermis layer. Moisture content in this layer can be crucial for overall skin health and texture. Balancing of cellular fluids depends on the level of hydration in the inner layers of skin like the dermis

Lavender oil

Natural Oils For Organic Skin Care

Selection of essential oils for your skin has to be based on your specific skin type, texture and tone. This is the recommended way to get maximum benefits from them. Some of the most commonly used generic types of natural oil are cypress, rose-oil, jasmine

Alternative Medicines for skin care

Alternative Medicines For Skin Care

Skin care with alternate medicines is provided through home remedies, Ayurvedic herbal treatments, Chinese skin care, Japanese skin treatments, Allopathic solutions and many others. Most of these methods use ingredients derived from plants, roots, fruits, nuts and natural oils, dairy products, and algae. They are

Ayurvedic Herbs

Anti Aging Ayurvedic Herbs

Ayurvedic treatment for anti aging consists of 12 natural herbs which are used in various permutations and combinations. These are prepared as herbal tonics, decoctions, food supplements and other forms for internal consumption. External applications include lotions, creams, shampoos and other forms. Ayurveda experts recommend

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Natural Ingredients For Organic Skin Care

Natural skin care ingredients are derived from plant and animal products. They can also include some of the natural minerals like zinc, sulfur, selenium and calcium. Using natural ingredients for skin care should be preferably based on your existing skin conditions, tone and texture. The