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facial care

Facial Care For Everyone

Facial treatments are aimed at enhancing an individual’s personality, appearance and beauty. Several techniques are used for extracting the accumulated dirt, oil and other pollutants from the skin layers. This is the cleaning phase of facial treatment. Massaging is the next stage whereby the skin

Dark Spot Treatments

Natural Treatment For Black Spots Removal

Appearance of black spots on skin could be a disturbing factor for beauty conscious individuals like you. They are also called age spots and appear in different parts of your body skin like face, hands, legs, shoulders and back. Hyper pigmentation of skin is one

uv radiation skin protection

Skin Protection From UV Radiation

Ultra violet rays from sun are electromagnetic radiation which is broadly split into 3 types namely UVA, UVB and UVC. UVA rays are responsible for causing wrinkles, skin cancer and melanoma. UVB rays can cause sun burns. UVC rays are relatively harmless in nature as


Best Pedicure Solutions From Experts

The science of pedicure is concerned with treatment and care for augmenting the health and beauty of toe nails and feet. It also considers the cure for many infections and diseases contacted by them. The treatment and beautification procedures follow certain standard procedures by the

Natural Hair Removing

Natural Hair Removing Techniques

The process of hair removal has been one of the essential elements of skin and beauty care since centuries. Various methods are in practice by men and women all over the world for getting rid of unwanted hair from body parts. Any type of hair