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cold weather skin care

Cold Weather Skin Care Checklist

Ever notice how your skin seems drier in the fall and winter and even cracks, chaps or flakes off? While it’s totally normal to shed dead skin cells (about 500 million a day!), it’s the dry air of winter that expedites this process and can

summer skin care

Summer Skin Care Tips

Summer poses the most critical period for your skin care, especially if you have dry skin or combination skin. Main reasons are dehydration, skin scaling, wrinkles, acne and other skin infections. According to dermatologists it is a recommended practice to take preventive action when your


Hydrotherapy Methods For Skin Care

Treatment of skin disorders with the help of pure water is called skin hydrotherapy.  The treatment uses the water pressure and temperature for cleansing the skin layers and removing infection causing elements. The other known benefits are stress removal, immunity system stimulation, easing of blood

homemade skin thearpies

Best Homemade Skin Therapy

Skin therapy is a methodical approach to curing and beautifying process of the skin through medication, massage, skin packing, cooling and application of other therapeutic methods. There are many types of skin therapy known to produce satisfying results for you. They have originated in Europe,

facial care

Facial Care For Everyone

Facial treatments are aimed at enhancing an individual’s personality, appearance and beauty. Several techniques are used for extracting the accumulated dirt, oil and other pollutants from the skin layers. This is the cleaning phase of facial treatment. Massaging is the next stage whereby the skin