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Finding The Right Sports Bra

You may not wear sports bras very often but for the times you do, it helps to have one that actually feels comfortable and not restrictive. Whether you’re an athlete or someone who prefers the fit and comfort of a sports bra over a regular

Business Fashion Tips for the Corporate Woman

Business Fashion Tips For The Corporate Woman

Women advancing in the corporate world are now a common sight, compared to just a few decades ago when the only job positions most could obtain dealt with being a secretary. Being in this type of workplace requires a particular dress code and for women

Fashion Tips for Wearing Skirts This Winter

Fashion Tips For Wearing Skirts This Winter

Believe it or not, it is okay to wear skirts during the winter. But the key is to know how to wear them and find the right styles that suit your figure and the rest of your outfit. If you’ve been craving the need to