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infant skin care

Connective Tissue Disorders In Infants

Connective tissue disorders in infancy and childhood are said to be rare cases which result from acquired malfunction of immune systems within the infant’s body. Some of the common symptoms are rashes, high levels of photosensitivity, oral ulcer and severe pain in the joints. Rashes

Baby skin care

Common Infant Skin Disorders

Most of the skin disorders in infants start when the mother has such symptoms. The probability increases if the child is still breastfeeding. Infant skin is relatively thin in structure, it has thin hair and the attachments between skin cells is weaker compared to adult

Implantation Bleeding

When Does Implantation Bleeding Occur?

For those who are planning to start a family, implantation bleeding can be an exciting hint that you may be pregnant. It happens when the fertilized ovum embeds itself onto the endometrial wall and starts to become a fetus. When does implantation bleeding occur, and

gas pain in chest

How To Get Rid Of Gas In Your Chest

Before finding out how to get rid of gas in your chest, it is a good idea to identify which type of chest pain you have. Aside from gas, you can have chest pain if you have been doing exercises such as chest press. Once

Wisdom Tooth Pain

Top 7 Home Remedies To Relieve Wisdom Tooth Pain

It is quite common for people to experience pain when a wisdom tooth emerges, and look for solutions on how to relieve wisdom tooth pain via friends or Internet. A tooth cutting out from the gum is not only uncomfortable, but for some it can