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Right Arm Numbness: Causes, Treatment, Prevention

Often people complain of a dead right arm or right arm numbness as soon as they wake up from a slumber.  Most folks do not take this sort of numbness seriously and often there are a number of home remedies or solutions that are used

Tongue Ulcers

Tongue Ulcers: Causes, Treatment, Prevention

The appearance of spots on the surface of the tongue is taken rather seriously by people.  It is often the painful feeling that a typical tongue ulcer brings about that causes folks to take note of the condition. Tongue ulcers treatment are at times very

armpit care

Itchy Armpits : Causes, Treatment, Prevention

You will certainly start thing about how to treat itchy armpits when you are driving on the fast lane to your office and you start feeling the irritation and burning sensation. You might be forced to pull over and scratch your armpits until you seem

Burn Blister

How To Treat A Burn Blister?

Your question on how to treat burn blister could be answered depending in the intensity of the burn injury. As you know, your skin is made of multiple layers. The outermost is the epidermis followed by the dermis. Below them is the subcutaneous layer. The

pain eye

Pain Behind The Eye – Causes, Treatment, Prevention

Pain behind eye can result from fever, headache, sinusitis, cold, dry eyes, scleritis, or optical nerve problem. Initially the pain may be mild to moderate. When left untreated it can become severe and numbing. Migraine is another known cause for this sort of pain. It

bubbles in urine

Bubbles In Your Urine: Causes, Treatment, Prevention

Have you ever wondered about what it means when you have bubbles in your urine?  The most common cause is the infection of urinary tract; especially in women during menstrual cycles and pregnancy. The condition can affect every organ connected to the urethra. Frequent irritation

bump on tongue

Bumps On Back Of Tongue: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

The appearance of bumps on back of tongue is a sign of oral and health disorder which needs immediate attention. The nature of remedy depends on the type of bump, its characteristics and symptoms, pain and the difficulty in swallowing. In some cases they might

cough oils

Essential Oils For Cough, Cold And Congestion

The benefits of essential oils for cough, cold and congestion are immense for men and women of all age groups. They provide instant relief from the blockages of nasal and food pipes, generate heat in the chest area, clear the fluid and congestion and restore