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Sweet Treats for a Low Cholesterol Diet

Sweet Treats for a Low Cholesterol Diet

Everyone is concerned about their cholesterol level and due to this many people are not eating some of their favorite foods especially sweets afraid of the bad cholesterol. However, today with the help of the Internet, your doctor, and even your library or local bookstore

Can Garlic Help Keep The Heart Healthy

Can Garlic Help Keep Your Heart Healthy?

For middle ages men and women, heart attack is one of the most common conditions that could turn to be fatal for their lives. One of the main reasons for unexpected hear attacks is high cholesterol levels in the body. People often turn towards rigorous

Libido Type

Identify Your Libido Type

We usually associate libido with sexual activity, but it is definitely something more than will of having love playthings. It is life energy. Power of creation. Creation of new life, bound with partner and happy life. It is acceptation of who we are, and ability

Are fruits effective aphrodisiacs

Are Fruits Effective Aphrodisiacs? Yes!

Aphrodisiacs are substances, which are to increase sexual activity and increase level of hormones responsible for its. Aphrodisiacs are not limited to Spanish fly, crocodile tail or hyena bill. The list of aphrodisiacs contains also fruits – polish and exotic. The most popular aphrodisiacs are


Do You Want To Enjoy Sex? Do Not Eat And Drink This

Aphrodisiacs effectively increase our libido, but there are products which can significantly decrease it. One of them is beloved small black (or small white) coffee. Frequent drinking of coffee causes insomnia and production of stress hormone. And both lack of dream and stress are not