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Do You Want To Enjoy Sex? Do Not Eat And Drink This

Aphrodisiacs effectively increase our libido, but there are products which can significantly decrease it. One of them is beloved small black (or small white) coffee. Frequent drinking of coffee causes insomnia and production of stress hormone. And both lack of dream and stress are not

yoga to cure insomnia

Yoga to Cure Insomnia

Insomnia is a symptom that causes many complications in the physical, mental and emotional quality of a person. When the body is severely attacked by chronic insomnia, the digestive system goes awry, and the liver is often in very poor condition. The nervous system is


How Libido Changes Depending On Menstruation Stage

Sexual appetite of men is usually on the same level. Female libido is changing in spite of menstruation change. Why it is so? What is the female desire for sex in particular days of period? Most women feels more sexy during ovulation days, this is