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Tips For Dealing With The Aftermath Of An Argument

No relationship is perfect and arguments come with the territory. Whether the argument is valid, over something silly, or over nothing at all, the aftermath can make or break the strength of your relationship. Regardless of whether you are married or dating, knowing how to

wedding weather

Weatherproof Wedding Tips

When it comes to your wedding, the word “overwhelming” is a huge understatement. Not only is there a number of things that need to be handled and addressed, you’re planning around an event that is taking place sometime in the future and unless you’re a

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Tips For Adding Feng Shui Into Your Lifestyle

Feng shui is a practice that has been around for many, many years. While it may seem like a difficult concept for some to understand, there are a score of followers that believe in the power of this concept. If you are looking for a

carbon footprint

Carbon Footprints: What They Are & How You Can Help

They say we’re all responsible for the state of the planet and due to the past few years, terms like “carbon footprint” are becoming highly popular in teaching us how to care for our Mother Earth. If you’ve heard of the carbon footprint but have

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Lifestyle Tips For Getting Back Into The Dating Game

Getting out of a relationship is never an easy thing, regardless of the factors that led to the breakup. What is perhaps even more difficult is the process of getting used to not only being single but reentering the dating scene. However, jumping back into

Basic Tips for Communicating Better with Your Partner

Basic Tips For Communicating Better With Your Partner

Perhaps one of the biggest snags in any relationship is arguing over something stupid. How many times have you found yourself in a heated argument with your significant other and realized later that the cause of it was something so trivial that is wasn’t even

Read Body Language

How To Read Body Language

It doesn’t matter what the setting is or what you’re doing. Each day we all speak non-verbally through body language. Whether you’re out on the town, doing some shopping or even on a job interview, there are many little telltale signs that give away how


5 Little Ways To Love Your Life

Happiness is something we all aspire to whether we already have it in spades or we search high and low for just a bit. Whatever your present state-of-mind, you can spruce up your outlook on what you already have and enjoy yourself, your home and

The Benefits of Natural Deodorants

The Benefits Of Natural Deodorants And How They Work

Not many people actually think to use natural deodorants. After all, shop bought deodorants sometimes barely work and they contain loads of ingredients to cover up our sweat so how does a natural deodorant stand a chance? Natural Deodorants and Their Benefits to the Skin