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Perfume Pheromones

Can Perfume Pheromones Pose A Threat To My Good Judgment?

The pheromone phenomenon came bursting onto the scene in the early nineties and has been hovering just below the pop culture radar ever since. But what are they anyway? Pheromones are invisible odorless sex attractant chemicals that both male and female mammals produce naturally. They

arguing man woman

Tips For Dealing With The Aftermath Of An Argument

No relationship is perfect and arguments come with the territory. Whether the argument is valid, over something silly, or over nothing at all, the aftermath can make or break the strength of your relationship. Regardless of whether you are married or dating, knowing how to

wedding weather

Weatherproof Wedding Tips

When it comes to your wedding, the word “overwhelming” is a huge understatement. Not only is there a number of things that need to be handled and addressed, you’re planning around an event that is taking place sometime in the future and unless you’re a

house feng shui

Tips For Adding Feng Shui Into Your Lifestyle

Feng shui is a practice that has been around for many, many years. While it may seem like a difficult concept for some to understand, there are a score of followers that believe in the power of this concept. If you are looking for a

carbon footprint

Carbon Footprints: What They Are & How You Can Help

They say we’re all responsible for the state of the planet and due to the past few years, terms like “carbon footprint” are becoming highly popular in teaching us how to care for our Mother Earth. If you’ve heard of the carbon footprint but have