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Why Bodybuilders Should Use Glucose Disposal Agents

Glucose disposal agents (GDAs) are compounds that assist the body in disposing of glucose from the blood stream more effectively. They do so by increasing the uptake of nutrients into cells. Some examples of GDAs include minerals, like chromium, selenium and vanadium; herbs/ spices, like

Get Fit For Summer Without Leaving the House

Get Fit For Summer Without Leaving the House

Sometimes life can become very overwhelming when you are working for a consistent 8 hours or more, and then have to come home and run errands, whether that be taking care of children, renovations, grocery shopping, cleaning the house or some of you may even

4 Reasons to Use Dumbbells

4 Reasons To Use Dumbbells In The Gym

For those of you who are die hard barbell fans when it comes to weight lifting, I just want to take this time to let you in on some of the great benefits of using dumbbells as well. Dumbbells are a great way to add variety

3 Tips to Help Reduce Muscle Soreness

3 Tips to Help Reduce Muscle Soreness

If there is one thing that I think turns a lot of people away from wanting to workout or from going back to working out it is that dreaded sore, stiff feeling your muscles undergo after working out. Muscle soreness is the result of thousands of

Diet And Workout Tips On Acquiring A Ripped Midsection

Diet And Workout Tips On Acquiring A Ripped Midsection

There are many misrepresentations along with fallacies concerning the loss of fat around the stomach area. One of the most disseminated misconceptions is that it you are doing enough ab physical exercise you will get flat abs. A lot of people think that if they

how to build big biceps

How to Build Big Biceps? Learn The Basics

Try saying that title 10 times fast. OK don’t never mind. Biceps are a great muscle to develop because they are always on display when wearing short sleeve shirts. Additionally, they are usually the first muscle people will see when they ask you to flex.

big gyms

How to Work Out at Most Gyms for Free?

So I got the idea for this article recently because I moved across country and I am looking to join a new gym. As I perused Google Maps to locate nearby gyms, I realized that I wanted to research as much as possible before eventually

Ectomorph vs Mesomorph vs Endomorph

Learning You Body Type: Ectomorph vs Mesomorph vs Endomorph

One of the first things you should do when you begin training is figure out what type of build your current physique is. There are basically three broad types of body structures: mesomorphic, endomorphic, and ectomorphic. What are the differences between all of these? What

abs workout

3 Ab Workout Myths That Many People Believe

Today I got back from the gym and while I was there I saw more than 7 people who was wasting their time on ab training that was ineffective. It really blew my mind. It is really sad, especially how almost everyone that goes to

talking at the gym

People That You Will See in Every Gym

Anyone that has been to a large gym or fitness center knows that these places attract some weird characters. Here are some that I have come across in various gyms that I have attended. You may recognize some of these types at your own gym.

Bodybuilding and Powerlifting

Key Differences Between Bodybuilding and Powerlifting

To the average gymgoer, bodybuilders and powerlifters are often combined into the same group – they’re the ones grunting and sweating on the freeweights, the ones often accused of “intimidating” other gym patrons. In many respects, bodybuilding and powerlifting are similar, and they are undeniably dependent