Crackles In The Lungs: Causes, Treatment, Prevention

lungs problemThe lungs are an important part of the human body and the usual or unusual crackles in the lungs could mean a number of things. It is when a simple crackle is accompanied by different other symptoms that particular attention must be given to the phenomenon.

The lungs function to more than oxygenate the blood. They form a nodal agency to handle blood circulation and thus is a good point to start the study of a system. A week lungs could point to a lot more than just the lungs, it could impede not just the breathing but the entire system as well.

At times the crackling sound can be heard to the naked ear but there are instances when the finer crackle is heard with the help of a medical instrument like the stethoscope. But no matter the intensity of the sound, it is important that sufficient attention is paid to the condition that caused the crackle in the first place.

Crackles In The Lungs And What It Portends

Infections Of The Lungs: It is most common for lungs that have been infected to display a particular crackle. At times the accumulation of fluids in the lungs brings out an audible noise that is picked up by people that treat a person. The collection of fluid is not a very good sign and corrective action should be initiated as soon as possible.

With recovering patients, fluids can get into the lungs from an improper positioning of the feeding tubes. This is indeed a very serious condition or more a situation. The tubes must be put proper at the earliest and corrective action initiated to remove matter that could have got into the lungs at the earliest.

Malfunctioning Heart: It is when there is strong and functioning heart that the blood gets pumped and removed from the heart with minimal effort. With weaker hearts, it is possible that fluids could get accumulated in the lungs. This could lead to sounds that the lungs make in its effort to clear the fluids.

This is a very serious condition and if recognized at the very beginning of a situation can be remedied. But it is important that the sounds are not taken for some other factors and a proper diagnosis is needed.

It is possible that a malfunctioning heart that is weakened in its pumping action is bound to display many features. Sometimes it is the accumulation of fluids in the lower limbs, so if crackles are heard with accompanying swelling of limbs, it must be taken with the seriousness it so deserves.

Pulmonary Diseases: These are conditions of a diseased lungs. They can be directly due to a condition of the heart and is usually a serious condition. There are a number of tests that would help localize the cause and it is then set right with the proper medication.

There are a number of obstructive diseases that cause the blocking of the lungs like fluid retention and the likes. It is thus important that sufficient attention is given to any such condition and proper medical help given to the person.

There are a lot of asthmatic conditions that result in wheezing and crackling sounds being formed in the lungs. A good physician would be in a position to suggest corrective steps to overcome this situation.

Intestinal Diseases: The lungs are bordered by the intestines in the lower part of its layout in the body. Thus it is in close contact with the bowels for a good area. It is possible that infections and diseases due to the intestines can reflect in poor performing lungs. Rarely is the pumping action affected by this phenomenon but conditions like sarcoidosis and rheumatoid arthritis are examples of this nature.

It is common for the lungs to bring up a sound in situations that few people expect it to and a digestive condition is a prime example. It is more the alternate systems of medicines that study the inter linking of the different systems in the body and to link the lungs to a lot more functioning than just breathing.

The Importance Of Lungs In The Body

The main function of lungs in any living being is to oxygenate the blood. The blood removes the carbon dioxide that is waste product due to the burning of energy. It then makes the blood stream more oxygen rich. Thus this is vital to a functioning and healthy being to be able to have good functioning lungs.

The disease and failures of the lungs do affect the performance of the person and it is important that the lungs are kept in good condition at all times. Thus the great importance accorded to any matter involving the lungs even it is a small crackle. It is the systems like Homeopathy and Ayurveda that particularly emphasize the need to have a life source that is the breath.

Causes With A Diseased Lung

On first perusal, a dysfunctional lungs is bound to affect the ability of the body to remove carbon dioxide and put in oxygen. Thus the performance of the whole body is affected even though it is that a small portion of the body is not fully ready. This goes to emphasize the importance that is accorded to this small and spongy part of the body.

As is usually seen with a diseases lung, it does affect the entire performance of the body. Every part of the body is some way connected and in use of the lungs.

Ways Of Keeping The Lungs Healthy

A healthy body would certainly mean healthy lungs in all instances. Thus this brings forth the importance that the lungs hold in keeping people healthy at all times. It would be foolhardy to maintaining good health if the lungs are infected or not kept in optimum performance.

That all lungs, healthy one too, crackles when examined with a stethoscope. That the unhealthy crackle that signifies a condition is different in the sound and feel is what sets apart a diseased lung. It is usual for all doctors to be well versed in signs that a diseased heart sends out.

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