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Detoxing At The Spa: Types Of Detox Treatments

detox at spaDetoxification has been touted by many healthy gurus over the years as the way to cleanse the body of toxins and impurities, leaving it healthier from the inside out. There are many detox diets that you can choose from, ranging from juice fasts and fruit detox to special herbal supplements that you can take to facilitate the process.

Now spas have jumped on the detox bandwagon, offering a variety of services that you can enjoy within the luxurious accommodations of your favorite pampering place. We have a few of the spa treatments available that are designed to cleanse your body and your soul.

Benefits of Detoxing

According to the proponents of detoxing treatments, there are many benefits that can be gained from these types of cleansing. Because your body is able to get rid of the toxins within more effectively and thoroughly, you can enjoy a stronger immune system, more energy and a more efficient digestive system.

There are also claims that detox will help you to lose weight or inches, depending on the type of detox treatment you choose. There are two basic types of detox choices available at spas; one will cleanse your body from within, and the other will work from the outside.

A Cleansing from Within

There are many ways to rid your body of impurities from the inside out. These might include treatments like colon hydrotherapy or an herbal enema. Or they might include dietary detox treatments like a juice fast or a special diet high in fruits and vegetables.

These types of detox treatments usually last over a period of days, which means that will be booking a few days and nights at the spa of your choice. This can be a wonderfully relaxing retreat that will leave your body feeling cleaner and healthier and your spirit rejuvenated.

Other Types of Detox Treatments

Some types of detox treatments don`t require putting anything into your body; rather the body is treated from the outside to assist in the elimination of waste. One way to do this is through lymphatic drainage massage and another is with a detoxifying body wrap.

The body wrap have become the rage recently, since many divas in Hollywood are swearing by this method of dropping inches and pounds. Detox body wraps will also leave your skin silky smooth and completely refreshed afterward.

They begin with a salt and clay mixture applied to the body that is designed to exfoliate and draw toxins out through the skin. Next, your body is wrapped with bandages soaked in a solution containing clay and mineral salt.

You are then covered with a thermal blanket and left to sweat it out as the wrap does its work. Afterward, your skin will feel beautifully soft, and you may even find that you have lost an inch or two in areas like your waist and thighs.

For a thorough cleansing from the inside out, check out what your spa offers in detox treatments. Good health has never looked so good!

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