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Eyelash Makeovers: Treatments to Make Your Lashes Stand Out

Eyelash MakeoversWomen have been playing up their eyes since the days of the ancient Egyptians. In terms of makeup, there’s eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and even false eyelashes. However, in the world of beauty things are always changing, including the way women are able to enhance their peepers. Below are some of the most popular treatments available today for women that want to put more “oomph” into the way their eyelashes appear.

It is important to note that before undergoing any treatment for your eyelashes, it is best to do research about not just the treatment but the company/individual that will be applying it. There are plenty of consumer report and review websites out there to check out. Ask for references from previous clients, as well as before and after pictures. If the salon/company/individual has an official website, that’s a good sign, too.

Eyelash Perm Treatment

Just as perming straight hair makes it curly, the same idea applies to this treatment in the sense that the final results will be super curled lashes that stay that way for up to three months. The way eyelash perming works is by coating the lashes with a special type of glue (the eye is closed during the entire process), followed by wrapping them around a mini sponge roller. The next step is to apply a perming solution to the wrapped lashes, which is then left on to “set” for about five minutes. This is what creates the curly, flipped up look.

It is important to know that the solution used in eyelash perming has not been FDA approved. However, as long as the person applying the treatment has a proven certificate of training in this procedure and has actual experience, you shouldn’t run into any problems. Potential side effects include having a negative reaction to the solution, as well as damaged lashes from the treatment. In rare, worst case scenarios, blindness could occur.

Eyelash Extensions Treatment

Tired of dealing with eyelash curlers? Opting for eyelash extensions could be your solution. This treatment involves using a special adhesive to attach the extensions onto a person’s natural lashes. While the eyelash extensions can last anywhere from 4-6 weeks, touchups are recommended every 3-4 weeks to keep the look fresh and voluminous. Touchups are suggested because as the natural lashes fall out, which is unavoidable, the extensions go along with it. The results are considered semi-permanent.

In terms of side effects, the adhesive used could possibly cause irritation, soreness, wateriness of the eye, redness and swelling when it comes into contact with the lashes and/or the skin of the eyelid. Those with sensitive skin may want to consider a different treatment for their lashes. There is also the potential to cause damage to the natural lashes, due to the tension from the extension attachment.

Eyelash Tinting Treatment

As the name suggests, eyelash tinting entails using a special dye to color the lashes. Tinting is ideal for people whose eyelashes are naturally light in color. Dying them creates a more dramatic and enhanced appearance. In general, the results last between 4-6 weeks.

Because this treatment does use dye very close to the eye area, it is possible to suffer an injury or damage to the eye. Side effects include developing an allergic reaction, burning, redness or inflammation of the skin around the eye area.

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