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Who Feels Most Comfortable In Their Own Skin

aged happy manA recent poll asked a question few were really comfortable answering. The question was: Are you comfortable enough with yourself to be stared at in public? The answers were preceded with gasps of, “What are you, crazy?” “Who in the world would want to be stared at anywhere?” “What kind of question is that?” And, for a select few, the answer was, “Sure!” So who shrunk and who jumped at the chance to be seen?

The sector of pollsters who said they were least likely to want to be caught in anyone’s gaze was women from age 19 – 100. Not surprising since women make up the highest percentages of dieters, gym goers, and plastic surgery candidates.

Next in line were boys age 15 – 18. Turns out teenage boys have a real issue with being looked at. “It freaks me out,” said one freaked out 16 year old. Sprinkled throughout the ages were men and women who felt that they had gained a few too many pounds.

Outside of the 15 – 18 year old boys, almost everyone else said the reason they didn’t want to be looked at was because of their weight. The next reaction was those who, without thinking, covered a part of themselves they didn’t like – noses were first, teeth second and hips third. The third reaction and reason not to be looked at were those who felt someone was out to get them or that they could possibly be in line for retaliation of some sort. Uh oh!

The most fun were those who didn’t seem to mind having a second look sent their way. Topping the charts of those who actually liked to be looked at were pregnant women. “I’ve waited a long time to have a baby and I feel great. I love it when I catch people looking. They’re probably just thinking, ‘She’s huge!’ but I don’t care.”

A cartoon recently depicted a lady in a bikini proudly displaying her “baby bump” and the two neck to ankle clad ladies beside her saying that they should get pregnant so they could feel that good about themselves.

Other studies confirm this truth saying that pregnant women feel they have an excuse for any extra weight and are so relieved by that they feel very confident. Tied for second were the young and very thin/fit, both male and female. They had either worked hard to earn their hard bods or were still just too young to have been struck by gravity and a slowed metabolism. Either way they welcomed the stares – almost thrived off of them.

The third were older men in their 50’s and up. One gentleman said, “Any time someone gives me a second look I think, ‘Hey I still got it!’” Another had a slightly different perspective, but still held onto a hysterical sense of humor. “Oh what do I care if anyone looks. One day soon they could get a real show if I drop dead! I’m 87 you know! Look at these bazookas (he flexes). I’m still a pinup man!” Dennis Quaid recently said that until 40 men don’t have a clue, so older men definitely get more comfortable with themselves as time travels on.

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