FlexoPlex Review 2018: Ingredients, Side Effects, Prices, Where To Buy & Best Alternative

As the population of the Western world especially lives longer now than ever before, so the increase in demand for relief from joint pain has grown. FlexoPlex is one of those anti-inflammatory products, but do FlexoPlex reviews tell the truth, or is it another marketing scam?

In this review of FlexoPlex we’re going to take a look at how it works, what the ingredients are, and what people are saying independently about its capabilities.

If you suffer from aching joints, then you obviously want relief, what you don’t want is to have your wallet relieved of your hard earned cash for no benefit, so what’s the truth about FlexoPlex?

What Is FlexoPlex?


FlexoPlex has received loads of positive reviews online, and has quite a following.

It is a specialist joint product made by a company called Pharmaxa Labs. FlexoPlex is one of a range of specialist products they make to target pain.

It is not a topical cream, it is a supplement in pill form containing ingredients that the company claims target the key components that cause joint pain as we age.

How Does FlexoPlex Work?

FlexoPlex works by ingestion, and its ingredients are then used by the body to help it fight against joint pain. Its goal is to fight the root causes of joint pain. The areas in which it does this are as follows”

  • Help to reduce inflammation of the joints, cartilage and muscle
  • Improve lubrication around the joints
  • Repair damaged muscle and cartilage

It is meant to be used as an ongoing supplement that helps over time to build up a stronger resistance in the body against pain, by giving it the key ingredients it needs to fight against inflammation and friction

What Are The Ingredients In FlexoPlex?

FlexoPlex contains the following key active ingredients:

  • Glucosamine sulfate, a sugar that can target strengthening of the cartilage. In some studies it has been shown to benefit people with osteoarthritis.
  • Chondrotin sulphate, which could have the ability to fight inflammation.
  • MSM, which is a sulphur found in vegetables fruits and some meats, it has anti-inflammatory properties, is an antioxidant and in some studies has been shown to benefit the regeneration speed and strength of cartilage and bones.

The other ingredients are:

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Cats claw bark powder
  • Bowsellia serrate
  • Rutin
  • Trypsin

The common theme in all of the secondary ingredients is that all have a reputation for targeting inflammation in the body. This makes sense as one of the major problems with joint pain is inflammation, which increases friction and damages the tissue.

The problem is, none of the ingredients have what could be called strong or proven links to inflammation, it could be a placebo effect in action with many products containing these ingredients, and also normal diet, exercise and other factors could be at play.

Does FlexoPlex Have Any Side Effects?

Because FlexoPlex is a dietary supplement, there is the potential for side effects to occur.

Most frequently, especially amongst new users, the following our report are:

  • Nausea
  • Stomach pains
  • Diarrhea

These side effects are reported as minor and short lived, being more about the body adjusting to a sudden hit from a new supplement, rather than anything in the ingredients.

All of the ingredients are used in many other types of supplement and topical joint pain relief products, so there is nothing unusual or radical in the ingredients of FlexoPlex.

So Is FlexoPlex A Scam?

FlexoPlex is certainly not scam because it contains ingredients contained in many other supplements designed to aid joint pain relief. The problem comes in proving that any such supplement has the claimed effect.

However, one thing to mention here is that FlexoPlex is also marketed under a different name by the same company.  Flexcerin contains the same ingredients as FlexoPlex, which makes you wonder why they would need to market two versions of the same product if they work as advertised?

It’s this double name product which has many people wondering if they are confusing people into trying to seemingly unattached products to try and relieve joint pain, when in fact they are buying the identical product with different labels.

Customer Testimonials


A great way to see how effective a product is genuinely years is to look at user reviews submitted to independent dietary and health supplement websites. Getting a feel for what the public who are actually using the product are saying is a great way to see if it’s worth trying.

In terms of FlexoPlex user reviews, they are mixed. Once you discount the obvious fake reviews trying to make the product seem better, or worse than it is, you are left with a very uncertain range of opinions, with positive reviews saying:

“It’s not a miracle drug, so don’t expect it to cure all symptoms and degrees of joint pain you may suffer. But, having said that it’s the best one on the market I’ve tried. I do a lot of trail running and I’m over 50 yrs old. So I have the obvious knee and back issues that come with older age and beating up our bodies when younger. It has allowed me to take the pounding of running the hills with a lot less knee joint pain. I will still aggravate my knee joints now and then on runs, but taking this product seems to help me recover faster”

While many negative reviews say things like:

“Don’t waste your money. I bought two bottles and faithfully took four tablets each day for two months. I am no better after two months. I don’t know what was wrong with the people who said this helped them, but it wasn’t osteoarthritis.”

 Concerningly, there are quite a lot of user reviews out there which suggest that the money back guarantee offered by the company is difficult to obtain, and in some cases simply not honored:

“A huge waste of money. Flexoplex had absolutely no effect. Beware of the guarantee. You must return any unused portion and have the company receive it within 60 days of ordering, which doesn’t give you time to know if it is doing any good. I used it for 60 days with no results only to find out they will not honor the 100% satisfaction guarantee.”

Price Of FlexoPlex  & Where To Buy It

You can buy FlexoPlex direct from the company’s official website, with each order coming with a free bottle of something called GreenPura, which apparently creates a complete targeting system for joint pain.

A single bottle containing 60 pills, 30 day supply costs $39.95, with the following multi-buy costs and discounts:

  • DualFlex, one month of FlexoPlex, one tube of cream plus GreenPura $63.90
  • Extreme System, three bottles of FlexoPlex + GreenPura $119.85
  • Preferred Package, five bottles of FlexoPlex, plus cream, plus GreenPura $199.75

flexoplex official website

Does FlexoPlex Have a Moneyback Guarantee?

FlexoPlex comes with a 60 day money back guarantee if purchased direct from the main website.

All you have to do is raise a return with the company and then return it within 60 days, even it’s just the empty bottle.

As we have stated previously however, there are many user reviews claiming that this guarantee is difficult to obtain, with contact with the company sporadic.

In some cases it appears that the refund is simply not honored, even after the product is returned correctly

FlexoPlex Review: Conclusion & Best Alternative

On the surface, FlexoPlex seems to have a lot of ingredients which can help to target joint pain. However, there do seem to be some serious concerns and cons around the product generally:

  • No scientific evidence backing up it works as a supplement
  • Expensive and can only be purchased through the company’s own website
  • 60 day money back guarantee does not seem to be honored in all cases
  • Other cheaper supplements containing better ingredients available

However there are some pros to using FlexoPlex:

  • People do report joint pain relief after using for around two weeks in some cases
  • Although expensive the price is not prohibitive
  • Many people do appear to get the money back guarantee

Generally I think we have to make the conclusion of this FlexoPlex review one of approach with caution.

There are other supplements out there which can target joint pain in the same way, but which seem to have a strong track record, and use the following and better ingredients.

Recommended Alternative

joint advance bottleOne of these supplements we would put up against FlexoPlex to consider trying is called Joint Advance.

Joint Advance contains many of the same ingredients, including MSM (Glucosamine Complex), as well as other natural ingredients not contained in some other supplements.

You can also get a 90 day money back guarantee with Joint Advance, and that appears to be respected in nearly all cases, so it’s a more reassuring risk-free joint pain relief supplement to try.

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