Get The Whole Family Fit With These Fun Ideas

Get the Whole Family Fit with These Fun IdeasObesity isn’t just hitting adults anymore. It’s also targeting teens and even younger children. Fighting the battle of the bulge should be every family’s goal. This means getting more exercise on a regular basis.

What better way to stay in shape than by participating in activities designed to get the entire family up and moving? The activities you choose to do together don’t even have to feel like exercise, which is always a plus.

Among the most popular ways of staying in shape as a family is having a video game day once or twice a week. No, not the traditional video games where everyone’s on the couch with a game controller in hand. The latest interactive video games are what families should check out.

Titles are available for all age groups so parents can find suitable games regardless of what age their children are. Just a few rounds of playing an interactive sport or adventure game and your body will start to feel the workout. This is a great way to unwind with the kids and share time together without becoming a couch potato.

Another way parents and kids alike can incorporate more physical fitness into their daily routines is by signing up for a class together, such as martial arts or a dance group. There are a number of activities that are tailor made for families of all sizes and walks of life. Go online or visit your local community center to see what programs or classes are open.

Oftentimes these activities are offered for a very low, one-time fee or even free of charge in some cases. Be sure to make your final decision as a family and that each member has a chance to express what his/her interests are. Learn to compromise if everyone can’t decide on the same thing.

No says that exercise has to involve working out in the gym. Even doing regular tasks qualifies as physical exercise. That being said, why not kill two birds with one stone by getting the family involved with a community project that requires physical activity?

For example, sign everyone to help plant a community garden or clean up and restore a run-down part of town. Or get involved with helping to build houses for the homeless or displaced families suffering from the aftermath of a natural disaster. At the end of the day the entire family will have gotten a great workout as well as feel better about themselves, knowing that they have helped other people in a time of need.

Parents can easily get their kids to become more active by rewarding them with family outings instead of money or material things. For instance, instead of paying top dollar for good grades, create a to-do list of places and activities your kids are interested in and arrange it so that with each report card, major test passed or other academic accomplishment reached, the whole family can enjoy the reward of going somewhere fun, such as an amusement park or fair, or planning the next family trip (camping, hiking, sports, etc.).

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