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How To Handle Perfume During Pregnancy

How to Handle Perfume During PregnancyMany women experience extreme nausea during their pregnancy that can be triggered by anything, especially strong fragrance. Many women cannot handle other people’s perfume and cologne during their pregnancy, not to mention wearing perfume themselves.

Here are a few tips on how to handle other people’s perfume fumes during pregnancy, and some tips on how pregnant women can have fun with fragrance during pregnancy too.

Exercise Moderation

When you are pregnant, a perfume can smell great one minute and make you feel dizzy the next, so if you do find a scent you think you can live with use it in moderation to ensure you do not overwhelm yourself.

Stick to natural brands, and try to use a spritz that contains mostly water and natural essential oils or plant extracts. Many people believe that pregnant women should not be exposed to chemicals in the perfume because they could potentially damage the fetus. Although perfume has been found to be safe to wear during pregnancy, it is always good to exercise caution.

Place Odor Absorbers in the Room to Catch Unwanted Smells

If you are having a party and want to clear away perfume lingering in the air, cut an onion and place half of it in the room to absorb the odors. Place a small cup of vinegar in the room to absorb the odors if you don’t have an onion, and consider purchasing an air cleaner.

Carry a Fragrant Sachet in your Purse on Outings to Counteract Bad Odors

If sharing a car with a person wearing heavy cologne, or a co-worker is the offending perfume wearer, try to counteract the smells that cause nausea with smells that relax you. Carry an aromatic sachet with you and simply place it next to your nose or with a handkerchief in your purse.

The smell will permeate the cloth that you can dab to your nose for odor relief when necessary. The smell of mint and lavender is soothing for some, while vanilla or rose petals work for others. Make your own sachet by making a small pouch with an old scrap of cloth, filling it with dried herbs and sewing it closed.

Wear your Hair Up

When you wear your hair down it acts as a sponge and a magnet. All of the perfume and cologne around you sticks to your hair, and is waiting to be relived by you every time you move your head. To keep your hair from trapping other people’s fragrance, wear it up in a bun or under a hat.

Try Ginger Lozenges

The smell of ginger permeates your nose and takes over your senses, making it a good remedy for an attack of fragrance induced nausea. Suck slowly and roll the lozenge around in your mouth for the best effect.

Use Lightly Scented Oils or Lotions Instead of Heavy Perfume

Lotions and oils are often preferred by pregnant women to perfume because they have a lighter fragrance and often contain less alcohol and chemicals that could potentially harm the baby. Use this special time to try a special naturally scented oil or lotion for your skin, and treat your nose to fresh scents that suit your belly.

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