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Important Questions To Ask A Hair Stylist

hairstylistOut of all the services most women tend to turn to, the hair salon is perhaps one of the most crucial. It’s fairly easy to learn how to do your own makeup and getting manicures and pedicures are all well and good but nothing feels quite as amazing as having a professional hair stylist tend to our tresses.

Sure, we can learn ways to style our hair but when it comes to maintenance such as colors, cuts and trims, this beauty professional is one that should be perfectly matched with your needs and preferences.

There are plenty of easy ways to find a good hair salon but what about finding your own hair stylist? Women who need more TLC for their hair can greatly benefit by forming a bond with a stylist that knows their hair inside and out and has the expertise to help them fulfill any hair care goals.

One of the most important parts of the process involves asking a potential hair stylist the right questions in order to find out if their skill set and experience would be a suitable match for you.

There is nothing wrong with conducting a mini interview with a hair stylist – as with any professional you go to, it’s essential to make sure that they are able to provide you with answers that speak to their credibility in their profession.

If you don’t have a chance to visit the salon and talk to the hair stylist face-to-face, there is always the option of calling and having this discussion over the phone. Below are some basic questions that should always come up in a conversation between a potential first time customer and a stylist.

Question #1: Are you familiar with my hair type?

This question is especially crucial for women with challenging hair types (fine, curly/frizzy, ethnic, etc.). Women with traditional hair types won’t have to worry about this question as much but these days, a number of women have hair types that can’t be managed at home.

For example, ethnic hair types often have trouble finding a stylist that is not only familiar with their particular hair type but knows what methods and tools to use on it. Unless the stylist you’re talking to has proven experience handling your hair type, it’s best to move on or ask if there is anyone else in the salon with the experience you’re seeking.

Question #2: Do you have more long term customers or more walk ins?

This question is ideal for women that want to stick to one hair stylist and develop a long term working relationship with. Stylist that have a ton of long term customers are great because it shows that they have a good reputation for keeping their customers coming back over time. While dealing with a lot of walk ins isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it could mean that they get a variety of hair types and may not have specific direct experience with your hair type.

Question #3: What types of hair products do you use?

Having a hair stylist that uses the same brand of hair products as you do is a good sign that they’ll know the status of your hair and what you do to maintain it on a regular basis. If they use products you’re not familiar with, ask them why they use those specific brands and what benefits it has for your hair.

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