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Meaningful Beauty Review 2017: Products, Ingredients, Price, Where To Buy & Best Alternative

We do not recommend Meaningful Beauty. If you want to skip this review and see the best alternative click here. Otherwise keep reading!

Meaningful Beauty is a product line of facial products endorsed by supermodel Cindy Crawford. Meaningful Beauty reviews are mixed and I was wondering what the truth is.

Cindy Crawford’s skincare range is based around her apparently teaming up with a respected dermatologist to create a group of secret ingredients able to significantly slow down the signs of aging. Obviously this created huge attention and sales, but years down the line I was wondering what people are actually saying.

So in this review of Meaningful Beauty products I’m going to delve a little deeper into what they are made of, what the claims are about their effectiveness and what people are saying about the results.

Meaningful Beauty Ingredients


There are allegedly secret ingredients in Meaningful Beauty products that help to create a serum that can significantly slow the visible signs of aging

The promises around the ingredients are:

  • Smooth and diminish fine lines and wrinkles
  • Create a radiant and bright complexion
  • Increase the youthful vibrancy of the skin
  • Create a barrier to protect the skin from free radicals and environmental factors

These are incredible claims and the ingredients must be pretty exclusive and expertly formulated to create such results you would think? So what are the active Meaningful Beauty ingredients?

Well I think it’s safe to say that there has been some controversy around the ingredients of Meaningful Beauty. For a start, it’s very difficult to actually find out what the ingredients are.

Secondly, there was a scare around one of the ingredients in the products. It was found to potentially cause cancer. However that was only a possible link in studies involving rats, no link has been found so far with humans.

That ingredient is called Cyclopentasiloxane. It is a silicon compound that is used as a conditioner in many hair and skin products.

The other key ingredient is something called Superoxide Dismutase (SOD). This is a proprietary product from meaningful beauty which claims to be the base for the amazing abilities it should deliver.

The claim is that this is a super-antioxidant only found in a rare variety of melons, grown only in one region of southern France. The problem is that the truth appears to be that this legend dairy super antioxidant melon is actually just the Charentis melon.

So the claim is not stacking up for me, and the companies claim that “…this secret melon contains a first generation antioxidant which preliminary studies suggest prevents the formation of new free radical species.” makes it sound even more of a dubious and obvious marketing claim to me.

Meaningful Beauty: Does It Work?

With the main active ingredient of little difference to the multitude of other anti-aging products on the market, I’m very skeptical that any Meaningful Beauty products really can work has claimed.

The main products in the range are:

  • Meaningful beauty glowing serum
  • Meaningful beauty night cream
  • Meaningful beauty eye cream
  • Meaningful beauty ultra lifting and filling treatment

Even the TV adverts for meaningful beauty go on about this marvelous melon. But I’m seeing nothing in any evidence presented, clinical trials or medical opinion to back up the claims made.

Yes there are general ingredients common with lots of beauty products which can temporarily soften the skin, and blur the signs of aging, but there is nothing miraculous in the melon.

I also looked at meaningful beauty before and after shots on various high quality fashion websites. As is always the case with these photos, you can never be sure if they have been altered and it’s always a case of the make up is perfect in the after shot. You simply can’t trust before and after shots.

Meaningful Beauty Complaints: Is It A Scam?

is it scamNow I’m not saying that Meaningful Beauty is a scam.

The product range is developed by qualified dermatologist’s and I’m sure that a supermodel wouldn’t put their name to it if it was completely useless. That would bring their reputation into disrepute.

But I think that you have to understand this is basically just yet another every day set of anti-aging products. From the Meaningful Beauty night cream, through to the ultra lifting and filling treatment, this is just another set of basic creams that literally just temporarily softens and blurs the lines.

User reviews for Meaningful Beauty products are very mixed. Looking at Amazon reviews, it’s obvious that the jury is well and truly out on whether these do much for the price you spend.

A typical negative review on Amazon for the meaningful beauty ultra lifting and filling treatment looks like this:

Nothing meaningful about this product!! Over priced , and doesn’t work”


“It’s an overpriced and ineffective product. The infomercial worked. The product didn’t.”

For all of the products in the range there are lots of negative comments on Amazon about meaningful beauty like this.

There are positive comments on products such as the ultra lifting cream however:

“Love this product! Been using the full line for about 3 weeks & my lines are faded. I am 50 & twice last week I was told that my skin looks nice. I have even gone out in public with no makeup on!”

The problem is with a positive product like that is you don’t know if this person simply got some sleep or developed a less stressful lifestyle.

So How Much Meaningful Beauty Cost And Where To Buy It?

Meaningful Beauty store

In my previous example, the meaningful beauty ultra-lifting and filling treatment day cream, the price on Amazon is $64 including shipping.

So Meaningful Beauty is in the upper end of the market price range, but you do seem to get the best prices on sites like Amazon.

One word of warning, if you order direct through the meaningful beauty website you are automatically enrolled in an auto-rebilling program to resend after a certain amount of time. I hate these auto-optin systems, they are unfair. When you buy a product you don’t expect to be buying indefinitely and not even realize it.

Meaningful Beauty Review: Conclusion

At the conclusion of this Meaningful Beauty review I have to say that I’m really disappointed. It seems a lot of people are paying a lot of money for a range of beauty products that contain nothing different to face creams half the price.

On top of that, the key ingredients developed specifically for the products is basically something from a melon, with little evidence it has rejuvenating qualities.

For me the pros of meaningful beauty products are:

  • They are high quality products in terms of richness
  • They undoubtedly have ingredients which can generally benefit the skin
  • You can save money by buying them from third party retailers

But the cons of meaningful beauty outweigh the pros:

  • Auto enrollment scheme if ordered through the meaningful beauty website
  • Plenty of evidence with people failing to get refunds or replacement products
  • The miracle melon is nothing of the sort
  • It’s backed by a supermodel which I think gives people too much reassurance
  • doubts around the safety one of the ingredients

I think I would have to suggest an alternative here for people looking for a high quality anti-aging product.

Recommended Alternative

meladerm cream civant skin careMy suggestion is a product called Meladerm. It is an advanced anti-aging product that works by smoothing the skin and genuinely decreasing the effects of wrinkles.

It contains more than 10 proven active anti-aging ingredients, mixed with high quality moisturizer and skin reflector.

On top of that, within this amazing single product, Meladerm helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots and lightens the skin tone generally to smooth your lines.

So for me, if you want to try something proven at a lower cost, I would order some Meladerm before spending my money on Meaningful Beauty.

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