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Natural Hair Removing Techniques

Natural Hair RemovingThe process of hair removal has been one of the essential elements of skin and beauty care since centuries. Various methods are in practice by men and women all over the world for getting rid of unwanted hair from body parts.

Any type of hair removal that you may choose should have some beneficial factors. Some of them are accuracy, speed, duration of hairless skin, low risk and enhanced skin health and beauty.

Smooth and soft skin with balanced moisture and firmness, zero pigmentation and clean skin pores is a gift you can get from the process of hair removal. There are several methods of skin hair removal.

  • Shaving is the oldest known method to women and men. However this is temporary in nature and hair grows back after a short interval of time. Moreover the chances of physical injury are also high in this method.
  • Plucking is the second painful method of hair removal. It is restricted to parts of eyebrow hair and other short areas. Large sections of hair like the skin hair cannot be removed in this method.
  • Hot-Waxing is one of the other methods used for hair removal. It works effectively for some while it produces side effects like infection and burns in many.
  • Hair removal creams do have relatively longer effects, but they can produce uneven results and cause allergic reactions among many who use it. Advice from skin specialist is a must before trying any type of hair removal cream on DIY method.
  • LASER hair removal does a neat job on the skin. It is accurate and it results in soft, smooth and long lasting hairless skin. However it can cause skin irritations, infections and might even lead to skin cancer (melanoma as well as non melanoma type, depending on the intensity and duration of skin exposure to LASER treatments).

As you can see every method of hair removal has its benefits and limitations. Now you are probably worried about which method to choose that can result in safe and long lasting hairless skin. Here are some natural methods for doing so.

Natural Hair Removal Remedies

  • Threading

This is one of the natural hair removal remedies widely practiced in India. Cotton thread is twisted into a fine loop and pulled across the skin area on which hair removal has to be done. The thread catches the hair and pulls it out.

The skin surface needs to be softened before this procedure can be used. Typical skin softening methods are application of Aloe Vera and lemon syrup mix. Sometimes a special type of Ayurvedic wax is applied onto the entire skin surface and let it soak the skin for about 30 minutes. Then the threading method is used.

This method of skin surface preparation ensures zero chances for skin injuries during hair removal.

  • Sugaring

Sugaring is another natural technique used for hair removal. It was in practice in ancient Egypt and Arabian countries. Sugar, lemon syrup and water are heated in a large bowl to prepare concentrated syrup. Then it is applied to the skin surface and stripped off.

This process easily removes the hair without any sort of pain. It is said to be much simpler compared to waxing method.

  • Chinese acupuncture

Chinese acupuncture is the typical method in which fine needles are inserted into the hair follicles which reach their roots. Then the specialist applies light to moderate pressure on the pins to cut the roots off. The pins are removed and skin is washed with herbal liquid.

This procedure has been found to produce relatively longer results compared with other methods. However it has to be performed only by an expert acupuncture expert who knows the complete skin structure and its characteristics.

Natural Hair Removal Recipes

The recipe for almost all the remedies explained in this section could be prepared at home within a short period of time. You need to allow a soaking time of 1 to 2 hours for the ingredients to take effect before washing your skin with cool water.

  • Turmeric powder

Turmeric powder acts as a natural and powerful hair removing agent. When you mix it with neem powder and prepare a fine paste it can remove hair from the roughest skin surfaces with ease.

Apply the paste onto the skin areas from where you wish to remove unwanted hair. Let the paste soak your skin for about 1 hour before taking a cool water shower. Repeat this procedure for about 7 days to get rid of hair from your skin for a long time with no re-growth.

  • Waxing

Waxing is a procedure which can be used effectively for removing hair from skin areas at home. Since many people find this method painful, it is essential to prepare the skin area before the actual application of wax onto it.

You can opt for a steam bath which softens your skin and clears all the pores. Sometimes steam bath is taken for up to 1 hour to soak the skin area completely. Dry the skin with a towel and apply moderately hot wax. Then peel it off after 10 to 15 minutes.

Ayurvedic Natural Hair Removal

The herbal lotion for hair removal is applied all over the skin area from neck to toes. Then it is massaged for about 15 to 20 minutes so that it sinks deep into the dermis areas where the skin hair roots are located.

When the liquid soaks the roots they naturally get separated from the skin layers. Then the skin is washed with cool water to remove the hair completely. This process needs to be repeated for about 3 to 4 days consistently in order to clear all the hair from skin area.

Other Methods

LASER, hair removal by electrolysis and application of hair removal liquid are some of the other methods which give reliable results. However these are out of the scope of natural hair removal methods. They may have certain side effects associated with them which need to be discussed with your dermatologist.

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