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baby shower

How To Host The Perfect Baby Shower?

Being asked to host a baby shower is not only a great honor it can also be super stressful. Not only will you be in charge of entertaining your mom-to-be, you’ll also be responsible for the guests that plan on attending. However, you don’t have

Eyebrow Piercing

Eyebrow Piercing: What You Should Do Before?

For those who have been thinking of getting your eyebrow pierced, it can be a risky and frightening experience if you’re unfamiliar with having that particular area pierced. It doesn’t have to be that way, however. With our guide, you’ll know just what to expect

sports bra

Finding The Right Sports Bra

You may not wear sports bras very often but for the times you do, it helps to have one that actually feels comfortable and not restrictive. Whether you’re an athlete or someone who prefers the fit and comfort of a sports bra over a regular

ingrown toenails

How To Treat Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails: we all hate them and we’ve suffered from them at one time or another. However, with the right information on how to treat them, the next time you end up with insufferable ingrown toenails you can minimize your discomfort, get your tootsies back