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Best Homemade Skin Therapy

Skin therapy is a methodical approach to curing and beautifying process of the skin through medication, massage, skin packing, cooling and application of other therapeutic methods. There are many types of skin therapy known to produce satisfying results for you. They have originated in Europe,

facial care

Facial Care For Everyone

Facial treatments are aimed at enhancing an individual’s personality, appearance and beauty. Several techniques are used for extracting the accumulated dirt, oil and other pollutants from the skin layers. This is the cleaning phase of facial treatment. Massaging is the next stage whereby the skin

healthy skin

Effect Of Chemical Ingredients On Skin Health

Exposure of skin to chemicals can happen at home work place, ponds and lakes, traffic lanes and laboratories. They can enter your body through air, water or soil. The food you consume may also be laced with chemicals from the used fertilizers. Cosmetics and beauty

herpes treatment

Tips To Get Rid Of Herpes

Herpes are group of skin or nervous diseases that are caused by herpes simplex types of viruses. This definition could be bit confusing for those of you who are reading it for the first time, since there is a cyclic reference to the word “herpes”

Woman Applying Sunscreen

Skin Protection From Heat And Humidity

Protection of your skin from excess heat and humidity helps in preserving moisture content, balancing oil levels and preventing premature aging of skin. You need o know certain key points about the origin of heat and humidity to which your skin exposed every day, so