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The Power Of Baby Powder

baby powderYou heard right: baby powder has power. This household product has been around for quite some time and the main way people use it is to keep their baby’s diapers fresh. However, there are many more uses for baby powder, some that may even surprise you. The great thing about using this product to take care of your daily tasks is that its multipurpose nature can save you a lot of money, which is always a plus in any person’s book!

If you are a parent, chances are baby powder has become one of the most common items in your life. But now you can take your bottle and use it for much more than tasks that are baby related. From home remedies to cleaning and even your pets, you’ll enjoy your newfound use for baby powder. Never thought this item could have anything to do with your household pet, did you? If you can’t stand performing bath time duties for the family dog you can sidestep this chore while still getting results by using a dry shampoo process.

Simply pour a few handfuls of baby powder onto your dog’s fur (to avoid a mess inside the house it is best to do a dry shampoo on your pet outdoors). Wait about five minutes for the baby powder to settle in the fur and then use a grooming brush and gradually work the product out of your dog’s coat. This dry shampoo technique kills two birds with one stone by ridding their coat of dirt while giving their coat a natural shine…not to mention your pet will also smell good.

Do you have an issue with ants making an appearance in your home? Take your baby powder bottle and sprinkle it in the areas where the ants tend to gather. Eventually they will avoid these areas since they will not want to wade through the powder. This saves you from having to purchase stinky and toxic bug spray, plus it is easy to vacuum or sweep up afterwards.

For folks that hate the feel of sticky, sweaty bed sheets during hot nights in the summer, add some baby powder to your sheets before bedtime. The powder will absorb the moisture and keep your sheets fresh and smelling fragrant. This home remedy is ideal for those with skin conditions that tend to flare up from excessive sweating, such as eczema.

Tired of getting razor burn while using your electric razor? Whether you use your razor to shave your legs, underarms or bikini area, remember to add a touch of baby powder onto the area. This will prevent razor burn.

Baby powder even has the power to benefit your garden. Before planting your new flower bulbs, pour a few tablespoons of baby powder into a sealed plastic bag, place your flower bulbs in the bag and gently shake them until the bulbs are covered with the powder. This practice prevents the appearance of pests like grubs, moles and voles, as well as rot.

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