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How To Prepare For Your First Massage

first massageYou haven’t experienced true relaxation until you’ve experienced a massage. However, not all massages are the same and there are some tips you should know before making an appointment. The better informed you are, the easier it’ll be for you to choose the right type of massage and how to prepare yourself for a great experience.

There are a number of reasons people get massages including treatment of ailments, stress management, overall well-being, as well as doing it just for fun. Because there are a variety of massages available, it is important to know which one will work for your needs. You can choose to target specific areas that are tense and bother you or you can opt for an allover body massage for muscle and relaxation purposes.

Once you know what type of massage you’d like, it’s time to find the right place to have your massage performed. Luckily, there are many places that offer these types of services. The most common places you can look into include a day spa, salon, gym, and even your own home. Select the location and arrangement that is most convenient for you.

First time massage goers can make things easy by simply visiting a local day spa where everything is already set up. Many spas charge hourly for massages but prices vary from place to place so be sure to get different price quotes from more than one spa before you make your appointment.

When scheduling your massage, make sure you choose a time frame when you don’t have anything important planned before or after your appointment. This will allow you to remain in your relaxed state long after you’ve left the spa or salon. If you decide you’d like to go more often, be sure to schedule your massages according to your needs, your availability and how much you can afford.

Some people opt for single sessions once to twice a month, while others go once a week. Be sure to speak with the massage therapist and tell him/her what type of work you want done and if there is anything specific you would like to include in your session.

When headed to your first massage, dress comfortably and simple. Most massages require skin to skin contact so avoid layers and complicated outfits since you’ll be undressing once you get there (the massage therapist will step out of the room and wait until you are on the massage table and appropriately covered).

If you’re a little shy, there are some places that offer massages while clothed but you’ll get the best results without. Even when fully undressed, you will be partially covered up at all times, with only the main areas exposed for massage (back, shoulders, arms, legs). Wear your hair up and out of the way, as massage therapists like to also work on your neck and temples. Also be sure to remove all jewelry, as it usually gets in the way of the massage process.

The best way to prepare yourself for your massage is to get in a state of relaxation and calm ahead of time. Some people suggest drinking water beforehand but since massage works to flush toxins and fluids from the body, it’s best to wait until after your massage session. Be sure to drink a few glasses throughout the day after your massage to avoid dehydration.

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