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Crepe Erase is a specialist beauty product endorsed by the actress Jane Seymour. A lot of the initial Crepe Erase reviews were favorable, but I’m wondering if they were based on the initial hype, with people a bit overexcited.

Crepe Erase cream was marketed to address “crepey” skin, specifically on your arms, legs and face.

It claims to be a “breakthrough body treatment”. It also claims that you could be “happy in your own skin”.

Now obviously these are big claims, and the marketing appears to have been quite cynical by trying to target people who are down about themselves and are looking to spend money to try and be happy in their own skin. So what’s the truth?

What Are The Crepe Erase Products?

There are two kits available in the Crepe Erase cream product range. A two-piece kit and the five piece kit.

The two-piece kit is basically pointless because it only gives you step one and two of what is meant to be a five-step process. So it is utterly pointless otherwise why sell the five piece kit?

The upgrade gives you a five piece kit + free eye serum, whatever that does.

In the five piece kit you get:

  • Exfoliating body polish
  • Intensive body repair treatment
  • Refining facial scrub
  • Rested through the facial treatment
  • Ultra-hydrating body lotion



It claims to begin work after just one use, so there must be some pretty hot ingredients in the Crepe Erase kit you would think?

Well, you’d be amazed to find out it’s actually very difficult to find out what’s in these products. There’s a reason for that, once you find out what those product ingredients are you will realize there is nothing special in it at all:

  • Shea butter
  • Cocoa butter
  • Olive oil
  • Beeswax
  • Dill extract
  • Wpple extract

Although every single one of these is proven to have minor skin moisturisation benefits, they are all present in virtually every skin moisturizing solution out there. Some of the ingredients also have minor anti-inflammatory properties.

The only specialist ingredient is something called TruFirm.

TruFirm is a proprietary ingredient in Crepe Erase. The problem is there is no information about what it is, what it does, or studies proving its effectiveness.

So in short, you got a set of products which contain general moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties, although even this is unproven because there is insufficient clinical evidence to show that any of these ingredients can visibly change the effects of aging.

Does Crepe Erase Work?

neck before after In a word no. It certainly does not match the claims made by the company who claim that it is “proven to provide visibly firmer and younger looking skin”. This is simply not a true claim.

Yes it is a general moisturizing agent in steps. Yes the products can potentially have minor benefits to the skin. But to suggest that this is some miracle cure for age-related “crepey” skin is ridiculous.

The simple fact is that you have to change the texture and taughtness of the skin to get rid of the effects of wrinkles and that Crepe-like texture. This is not possible with any general moisturizing agent.

Is It Scam?

This is one of the first reviews of ever done on beauty products were I am close to saying there is a crepe erase scam. I think the claims made by the company are misleading and designed to deliberately emotionally trigger people. They even describe people with crepey skin as unattractive on the main website.

They are cagey about what is in the products and the only effect it could possibly have is to moisturize the skin because none of the ingredients have any properties linked to the claims made by the company.

One interesting thing is the company who market Crepe Erase are also responsible for another beauty brand called meaningful beauty. This has also been linked to poor marketing techniques, a lack of clarity about backing up the claims made, and being cagey about the ingredients.


Where To Buy Crepe Erase

I can’t understand why you’d want to, but you can’t buy Crepe Erase in stores. Also buying Crepe Erase Amazon and other stores is not official either.

You have to buy it from the company themselves or authorized resellers. On top of that you get put into an auto enrollment program which basically re-bills you and keeps sending you the stuff.

The maximum results system, the five piece kit of Crepe Erase is $69.95 on the company’s website.

You can buy all the products including the kits on Amazon unofficially. The prices that very inflated to me, with some of the single products being around $70 even though they are part of a five piece kit at the same price.

official website

Crepe Erase Review: Summing Up

Although you can’t officially buy Crepe Erase on Amazon, the products are there for sale and user reviews are pretty mixed:

“Nice cream but not at all healthful,it has a nice texture.. smalles nice but any shea butter can give you that special feel and look I am very glad I bought it on a one time thing Bases I will not buy it again…seriously stupid me to think it would work,but funny we always buy them anyway”

“I have been using crepe erase every day for a few weeks once a day on my neck. When wearing it there is a bit of an improvement but over all I think any lotion would do as much. I’m not going purchase it again.”

These type of purchase reviews are hardly surprising considering that the ingredients of these products are purely about moisturisation, as we have already discussed.

Apart from moisturized skin I can’t think of a single pro-about buying Crepe Erase.

In terms of the negatives:

  • Just a very expensive moisturizer
  • Website automatically rebuilds you
  • Website claims and advertising are ridiculous
  • Very little evidence to back up the claims
  • No scientific basis behind the claims made about any of the ingredients

So for me this is a resounding no bordering on a scam. Crepe Erase is… Crepe.

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