In this article (Last Update 2018) we will explain you what is Dermalogica, how does it work, what are its ingredients, side effects, show you real customer reviews, give you prices, best place to buy it & recommend an alternative.

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The name Dermalogica implies dermatology, so I think a lot of people assume they are getting really intensive professional skincare products from this company. The starting place for many people’s research is to read Dermalogica reviews.

Many of these reviews aren’t meaningful or truthful in my opinion, and the implication that they are specifically designed professional dermatology products can be subliminally misleading.

So what’s the truth around Dermalogica? Is it a miracle skincare product or yet another set of baseless marketing claims?

So What Is Special About Dermalogica Skin Care?

Well when you visit their website, you see that the company states their products are “developed by the International Dermal Institute” which all sounds very impressive, and again implies specialist dermatologists.

The problem is that if you read the Wikipedia page on this organization, it quickly becomes evident that is funded by, you guessed it, Dermalogica!

You can only buy their extensive range of products through a select group of specialist online retailers, or Dermalogica online. The company specifically has a page on their website warning against buying from unauthorized retailers, which includes Amazon and eBay.

They also try and get you to visit a Dermalogica Skin Center where you can have something called face mapping done. Once they have done a “diagnosis”a specialist will recommend the products you need.

All sounds absolutely wonderful does on it.

The problem is that the specialists at the skin centers are trained by Dermalogica and although they ask that you are already a qualified skin specialist, is actually no evidence that it is checked for validity. The company claim that you need to have your skin checked out in the same way you need your teeth looked at regularly. This is blatant rubbish.

And making it worse you can’t find a list of ingredients easily, the products are restricted from general sale, they attempt to push you through a center where you can be hard sold to and panicked about the state of your skin, and there was no research I can find online which backs up any of the claims.

So what is special about products such as dermalogica skin smoothing cream? After extensive inquiries I have absolutely no idea to be honest.

Does It Work?

I searched online for several of the key products this company sells:

  • Dermalogica barrier repair
  • Dermalogica clearing skin wash
  • Dermalogica ultracalming cleanser
  • Dermalogica gentle cream exfoliant
  • Dermalogica superrich repair
  • Dermalogica age smart

Generally the Dermalogica facial products do receive positive reviews. There are quite a few blogs being positive reviews so you have to take them seriously, because there doesn’t seem to be any way they can be making money from the review because of the way that this company’s products are sold.

But the bottom line here is that you don’t know if this is product specific, or if people would get the same positive results from buying products half the price.

Dermalogica Customer Reviews


It’s really difficult to verify how genuine reviews and dermalogica before and after photos are.

The problem is that because the product sales are tightly managed and sold through centers there are not a lot of product reviews online. This is made even worse by the fact that you can’t buy the products officially from general stores like Amazon and eBay. And the stores you can buy them through could simply be vetting the reviews or making them up.

However, the products are actually widely available on Amazon. I can only assume that some of the official retailers and beauty specialists out there are selling them unofficially on Amazon and eBay to make extra money.

I guess if you are selling products through your physical premises you are not going to have that high turnover, but you could have a lot of stock sitting there. So it would make sense to some people to sell it unofficially online because how would Dermalogica find out?

What worries me is that the Amazon reviews are obviously under assault from what I would guess our people with vested interests.

On many of the products there was a large percentage of the reviews on Amazon claiming that the product they received was fake, broken or out of date. Thereby throwing doubt on if you should buy the product from Amazon.

On top of that, a lot of the positive and negative reviews mention you get better service going to a center, or mention Dermalogica, like this review:

“My daughter prescribed this while doing her Dermlogica training. I came in to the school for her to practice on, and she recommended it.”

I mean, come on, who uses the word “prescribed” to talk about skin cream? And what about this one, which just seems too good to be true:

“I’ve been enjoying Dermalogica products for a while now. I use their pre cleanser, cleanser and moisturizer. Having acne-prone combination oily skin, I was still slightly breaking out and my acne scars weren’t fading very well. I’ve heard about the daily microfoliant for a while now and finally decided to try it. It’s been two weeks and seriously, it’s amazing!!!”

Where To Buy Dermalogica Products & Prices

storeAs stated, you can unofficially by the products from eBay and Amazon. There is some evidence that some sellers could be selling fake products, but this could just be spread by Dermalogica themselves to put people off buying them through unofficial channels.

The bottom line here is that they are tightly managing their pricing by only allowing it to be sold through certain sources. What is happening is that people who have got it officially are selling unofficially at a lower margin to themselves, but at higher volume.

You can buy the products through the main Dermalogica website, but as I’ve said it can cost you much more. We recommend to try CosmeDe online store. They have a very good prices for Dermologica products.

Final Verdict

I have really mixed feelings about Dermalogica facial products at the end of this review.

They obviously work otherwise skincare centers would not be able to recommend them and stop them. If you were recommending a product and customers were coming back saying it wasn’t working, you simply would give up selling it.

So there is evidence that they do benefit the skin. But I’m not sure they match the claims made in the advertising, and I also think that there is a pressure from being face-to-face with someone to perhaps not mention negative feelings.


  • The products work to some degree
  • They are a little expensive but not at the top end
  • You could get some good advice if you get a genuine skincare expert at one of their centers


  • I’m suspicious of any company who tries to manage out genuine feedback
  • I cannot find evidence that the products do everything the company claims
  • Finding out what the ingredients are and what they do is virtually impossible
  • It’s very misleading that the skin care organization giving their products the feel of being professionally backed is actually funded by and run by them.

So for me I would steer clear of Dermalogica products. Or at the very least go to one of the skincare centers or beauty salons that stock the products and have a face-to-face chat, but don’t commit yourself. Ask a lot of questions about what’s in the products and how they benefit you for the money.

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