Is MD Complete Worth To Buy? The Truth Revealed

In this MD Complete review (Last Update 2018) we will explain you what is it, how does it work, what are its ingredients, side effects, give you prices and best places to purchase it, show you couple customer testimonials and recommend the best alternative.

WARNING: We do not recommend MD Complete. If you want to skip this review and see the best alternative click here. Otherwise keep reading!

Skincare products are big business. Such is the demand to look youthful and perfect nowadays, rammed down our throats through advertising and media, that people are always looking for something that works, and are prepared to pay for it.

One company getting a lot of headlines are MD Complete, so let’s take a look at how accurate MD Complete reviews are.

About MD Complete Skincare

MD Complete is a skincare company launched by Dr Brian Zelickson. He is a dermatologist who helped develop modern laser skin therapies. He graduated from the Mayo Clinic and has a long history in addressing issues with skin through expert dermatological practices.

The MD Complete range targets two different areas of skin complaints. The first to target acne and blemishes, and the second to hold back the signs of aging skin.

Currently the main products in the MD Complete Spot Treatment & Acne consist of:

  • Skin Clearing Clarifying Cleanser
  • MD Complete Skin Clearing Breakout Spot Treatment
  • Non-irritating MD Complete Pro Peel

While the main products in the anti aging range consists of:

  • MD Complete Dark Spot Remover
  • Advanced Wrinkle Corrector
  • Restoring Cleanser

What Are The Ingredients In The MD Complete Range?

The MD Complete range contains several products with a mix of ingredients. To give you an example, the MD Complete Restoring Cleanser is designed to cleanse the pores and help to break down sebum plugs, it contains the following active ingredients:

  • Benzoyl Peroxide – which can kill bacteria and remove excess skin oil
  • Chamomile Extract – used to calm irritated skin
  • Algae Extract – often used in beauty products to improve the skin barrier against infection
  • Bisabolol – Used as a treatment to reduce inflammation of acne

So each product does contain dermatologically tested ingredients that have a proven track record in addressing skin issues to some degree, and the level of these ingredients is higher than in many compare Apple products, meaning they are more concentrated and dramatic in effect than many similar skincare products.

MD Skincare Products: Results and Does It Work?

The skincare products have a high concentration of active ingredients, far above many similar products. The anecdotal evidence online is that they do work. There is also a pedigree in the MD Complete range due to it being created by a recognized dermatologist.

md complete skincare before after

There is clinical trial data available on the MD Complete website, which is reassuring. Or example the MD Complete dark spot remover was trialled for 12 weeks against a Clinique similar products, with half the face being used by each person for each product. The trial results were that there was a 67% perception of improvement using MD Complete versus Clinique.

In addition, customer reviews are generally favorable, although a lot of those appeared to be fake or questionable:

“I have tried Everything out there to help fade my hyperpigmentation and nothing has worked liked this has. My skin has already become more radiant and even-toned after Only using this product for one month. I am a Very happy customer and I hope you will be one too!”

There are negative reviews, many around the fact ironically that it’s too strong:

“I followed the directions and used very little. A few minutes later, anywhere I’d applied it looked like a had a bad sunburn & was flaming hot! I don’t have sensitive skin, but this stuff is too strong!”

Are There Any MD Complete Side Effects?

Within the MD Complete acne range the answer is that yes there are potentially side effects.

Customer reviews point to it sometimes inflaming the skin.

On top of that, the MD Complete dark spot remover contains hydroquinone, which there is some scientific evidence to suggest could contribute to the development of cancerous skin cells.

It does appear that ingredients such as the peroxides can in some people cause irritation and inflammation. So if your skin is sensitive it’s worth trying this on a very small area, before committing yourself to trying it fully just in case you do have MD Complete side effects.

Where Can I Buy MD Complete And How Much Does It Cost?

mdcompleteIn terms of where you can buy MD Complete products, you can buy them through their own website, through places like Amazon, and you can buy MD Complete at CVS.

One thing to watch out for if you are buying direct from the company is that there is an auto replenishment program. Basically it re-bills your credit card in a cycle, resending you the products.

In terms of prices, they can vary, for example: MD Complete breakout spot treatment on the company website is $19.99, while on Amazon it is slightly cheaper even though it is sold by the company and fulfilled by Amazon.

Note also that you save quite a lot if you subscribe to the auto replenishment program. In example breakout spot treatment above, you can buy it from the MD Complete website for just $16.99 if you subscribe.

MD Complete Review: Summing Up

MD Complete is a legitimate range of acne and anti-aging products developed by a highly qualified dermatologist.

The problem comes in that they can be too powerful, and may not be suitable for everyone.

In terms of pros and cons:

  • Amongst the most powerful products on the market
  • Developed by an expert with a track record
  • Price is not prohibitive


  • Some people report significant side effects and no benefit
  • Replenishment program can catch people out
  • Product testing results from clinical trials are not independent

I think if I had to make a decision, before investing significant sums of money in addressing my skin issues or aging issues through buying many items in the MC Complete range, only to find that they weren’t suitable for my skin, I think I would try a single product with a proven track record.

Recommended Alternative

meladerm photoMy recommendation as a first step to addressing skin issues would be Meladerm skin lightening cream.

It’s a single dermatologically tested cream that has a proven track record in synthesizing the pigment in the skin. Its multi-award winning, and has a four-year trial behind it to develop its current formulation.

On top of that, it’s cost-effective and is only one product. It would certainly be my choice to try Meladerm first.