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The Benefits Of A Momtourage

MomtourageNo one said being a mother was easy. Whether you’ve got a new baby or younger children, there are times when you may feel tired, frustrated, depressed or lonely. Even happily married mothers can find themselves feeling isolated and alone.

What better way to brighten your spirits than to surround yourself with people that know exactly what you’re going through? Well, that’s what a momtourage is for and you’ll definitely want to find out how to get one.

Who says only celebrities can have an entourage? The beauty of the momtourage is that, unlike traditional entourages, you’ll be surrounded by people that are supportive and truly there for your best interests.

Many mothers give so much of their time and efforts to others that they oftentimes don’t allow any time for themselves. While there is always the option of staking it out on your own by pampering yourself in a spa or indulging in a bubble bath, that may not be enough to squash your mommy blues.

By human nature we’re social creatures and the same holds true for mothers. One of the best ways to maintain your sanity and allow yourself some breathing room is to take part in a momtourage were you can talk and share your experiences with other women in your situation.

Momtourages first and foremost act as a support group. We all know that a great way to relieve stress or depression is by being around friends and with a momtourage, you can share your emotions, get positive feedback and take part in activities that will take your mind away from your worries.

There is no right or wrong way to put together and maintain a momtourage. One of the most important things you’ll want to keep in mind is that in order for the momtourage to survive, all members must be dedicated and able to meet up on a regular basis.

Decide what you want out of your momtourage. Do you just need good company? Do you want to start a group of mothers hoping to lose weight and get healthier? Want to start a book club or other fun hobby-oriented group? All of these qualify as great ways to initiate your own momtourage with women looking for the same thing as you.

Not all momtourages are the same, which is great because you can customize your group to meet the needs of your members. Be sure to extend the invitation to neighbors, co-workers, family and friends, church members and other mothers you feel would be interested in getting together.

In order for a momtourage to function you need to meet regularly. Create a meeting time and location that will work for everyone’s schedules. For fun, plan activities or topics of discussion for each week. And of course you can bring your kids.

What better way to keep your children occupied than by playing with others while you and your momtourage get your group time in?

Another huge benefit to having a momtourage is that you now have a network of people you can rely on for anything. By setting up carpools and babysitting arrangements, you and your momtourage can save time and money. How much better can it get?

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