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Tips For Dealing With The Aftermath Of An Argument

arguing man womanNo relationship is perfect and arguments come with the territory. Whether the argument is valid, over something silly, or over nothing at all, the aftermath can make or break the strength of your relationship. Regardless of whether you are married or dating, knowing how to deal with an argument after it happens can make you and your partner stronger than ever.

No one likes to argue and many times what’s even worse than the argument itself is the awkwardness of the aftermath. The silence, tension, negative and hurt feelings can cause even the strongest of relationships to feel moments of doubt. However, in order to come out of each argument unscathed, it takes both sides, a lot of communication, and a lot of effort.

Each person is different and reacts to things differently. It is important to recognize your partner’s personality and how he/she handles certain situations. Knowing how they respond to anger or miscommunication will help you develop the ability to prepare yourself and know what direction to take the argument in and how to deal afterwards. Once you figure out how your significant other operates, do your best to accommodate their feelings in a positive way when things get rough.

Regardless of who is at fault, showing actions or saying words that you know will smooth them over can help you both move past the tension of an argument’s aftermath. Even more important than knowing how to handle your partner is making sure that they reciprocate the same actions. All the advice given on this topic must be done by both people in the relationship. Taking that extra measure of concern and respect will shed a positive light on your relationship, which will definitely help make things better afterwards.

The main thing you both need to understand is that when an argument is over, it’s over. Leave it that way. The last thing the situation needs is more negativity and a new spark to reignite the argument all over again. The other aspect to knowing how your significant other is involves not pushing his/her buttons.

Keep the snide, negative, sarcastic remarks to yourself. They have no place before, during or after an argument. For example, if you know your partner needs to be left alone to cool off, don’t force yourself into their space and try to continue to talk to him/her. Trying to get the satisfaction in getting the last word in is not worth it in the end and if that is a habit of yours, then you need to step back and evaluate yourself and your position in the relationship.

One of the fastest ways to diffuse the aftermath of an argument is to walk away and occupy yourself with something positive until you both feel ready to let go of the argument and move on with your relationship.

If you feel you still have more to say, sit on your thoughts and wait until you have both cooled off enough to talk civilly. The heat of the moment never helps and getting too emotional is a quick way to lose control of the discussion. When enough time has passed, slowly get back into your regular routine. Don’t treat each other differently just because of the argument.

Don’t be afraid to ask if he/she is okay and try suggesting going out for dinner or staying in a watching a movie – anything to change the atmosphere and get the two of you comfortable again and talking about things other than the argument. But don’t force things. If you’re both still feeling sour, then try some time away from each other to spend with friends, family or doing a favorite hobby to get your mind off the situation.

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