V-Tight Gel Review 2018: Ingredients, Results, Side Effects, Prices, Where To Buy It

If you are considering buying V-Tight gel, we’d highly recommend you don’t do it before you have read reviews which are available online. Most of the testimonials are from women who once had loose vaginal areas and tried a lot of options unsuccessfully until they found a working solution for tightening it back up.

The V-Tight gel has been developed with the aim of helping women improve their self-esteem, sexual performance, and well-being, especially after childbirth. Prior to the development of this revolutionary product, the only available options for vaginal tightening included risky and expensive surgical procedures such as vaginoplasty. Most women who could not afford such expensive procedures were left sexually demoralized and stressed about their bodies.

Developers of V-Tight gel identified a gap in the vaginal tightening market and created a product that provided a natural solution to the problem at much cheaper cost than vaginoplasty operations. In time, V Tight has emerged as the most popular and affordable vaginal tightening solution on the market today.

Many women who have used it claim it is best vaginal tightening product on the market primarily because it works, doesn’t have side effects and is manufactured using completely natural ingredients. Given that the gel comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, you can always try it without fear of losing your hard-earned money.

Let’s first look at what this gel is and how it works.

What Is It?

3 bottlesTo understand this product, it’s important to look at the problem it solves first.

A lot of changes happen to a woman’s body over the years such as aging and childbirth. These changes are natural but their effects can be difficult to eliminate.

The V Tight gel addresses the problem of loose vaginal areas due to aging or childbirth. It provides a completely safe way of reversing the effects of nature.

The gel uses a powerful astringent called Manjakani extract that helps to make vulva muscles firmer. The astringency increases firmness and helps to strengthen vaginal walls. It is also useful in reducing vaginal discharge which causes bad odors.

Thanks to this gel, you can now have strong vaginal walls without offensive odor for better sex.

How Does It Work?

The gel is quite easy to use. You only need to apply it once around 15 minutes before sex and you’ll start feeling smaller, firmer, and more confident down there.

Simply scoop a little bit of it on your fingers and gently apply it inside your vagina. In just a few minutes, your vaginal walls will contract, giving you a firmer and more pleasurable contact with your partner.

The gel also provides sufficient lubrication to keep you aroused while having sex. Compared to other solutions such as vaginoplasty, V-Tight gel is more affordable and effective.


natural ingredients

V Tight is made of 100% natural ingredients. The ingredients include Manjakani extract, hazel leaf, and arginine.

Women in different parts of Eastern Europe have been using the Manjakaniextract for hundreds of years to achieve a firmer and tighter vulva and regain control of their vaginal walls after childbirth.

The natural extracts have also been used to reduce vaginal discharge and shrink vaginal walls.

The Manjakani extract is also known as an effective natural treatment for gingivitis and toothache due to its bacteria elimination properties.

Witch Hazel is a popular remedy for sores, bruises, and swellings. It is also used to soothe wounds in women after child birth.

Side Effects

Because the gel is made of 100% natural ingredients, there are not any harmful side effects.

The only problems ever observed from the gel’s users come from people with allergies. For instance, a few women have complained of experiencing tingling sensations due to increased blood flow and contraction of inner vaginal muscles.

If you suffer from allergic reactions after applying any type of gel, you are advised to seek medical advice from a professional before using this gel.

Also remember: similar to other topical ointments and medications, V-Tight gel should not be used by pregnant women.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

You don’t have to wait for days or weeks to see the gel’s results. It starts working a few minutes after application.

All you have to do is apply the gel 10 to 15 minutes before having sex.

For those who regularly do Kegel exercises, applying the cream continuously helps to heal a slack vulva and eliminate vaginal dryness.

Regular application of the gel provides positive long-term results.

Packages And Prices

You may be wondering how much this useful and effective product costs. When you buy it directly from the manufacturer, you stand a chance of getting discount offers and lowest prices for the product.

At present, the gel is sold in 3 packages.

  • Buy 3 and get two free bottles package. This is without doubt the best value package available at a bargain price. In short, the package gives you 5 bottles at a price of $23.97 each. The package gives you a 5-month supply at the best price.
  • Buy 2 get one free bottle package. This is another value package that gives you a 3-months supply of 3 bottles for just $26.63 per bottle. Compared to the risks and expenses of surgical procedures, the package is much more affordable.
  • Single bottle package. A single bottle gives you a 1 month supply of the gel. It provides a good way of testing the product before you buy a larger package.


Money Back Guarantee

We recommend to buy V Tight Gel at official website. Only there you get and original product with 100% money back guarantee. Purchasing it online at Amazon, Ebay or local stores like Walmart or GNC is not safe and doesn’t give you any free trial.

V-Tight Gel Customer Reviews

Here are a few reviews and testimonials from customers who used the product:

  • Andrea, a 35 year old woman says that she appreciates the fact that there is an effective product such as V-Tight on the market to make sure that everything works perfectly down there. She loves the way the gel makes her feel and the confidence it gives her at the right time. She states that none of the other products she has used before work as well as V-Tight gel.
  • Kylie states that after using V-Tight gel for just two months, she now feels 100% perfect and is even considering another 3-month supply. The gel, she says, makes her feel tighter and the sex even better.
  • Cynthia recommends the product to any woman who understands that as you get older and further into womanhood, you’ll need extra help to add passion and confidence into your sex life. V-Tight gel makes you feel new and refreshed.
Pros and Cons


  • It restores your vaginal flexibility
  • Boosts female libido
  • Is a good lubricant before sex
  • Cleanses and eliminates bacteria
  • Promotes blood flow to the vagina
  • Tightens vaginal walls
  • Most users have permanent tightness and stronger vaginal walls after using the product regularly over time.


  • It’s only available online. You can’t buy it discreetly over the counter. However, the product is shipped to you in a discreet plain package.

Where Can You Buy It

online shop

The gel is available in several online outlets but we highly recommend that you only buy it from the official website for the following reasons:

  • Buying products from the official website is safer since you know you are getting the real thing and not some imitation. You will be sure that the natural ingredients in the product have not been replaced with chemicals.
  • You get a 100% money-back guarantee when you purchase from the official website.
  • You become eligible to discount offers and promotion prices depending on the quantity you buy.
  • The official website provides privacy and confidentiality. Your package arrives in a sealed plain box.
  • The official website delivers globally. You can safely buy the gel from any location without fear of being scammed.

The V-Tight Gel is the most cost-effective solution to vaginal looseness problems, bad odor, and dryness while having sex. It is made from 100% natural ingredients making it safe and free from any side effects.

To ensure that you benefit from discounts and a 100% money-back guarantee, we recommend that you purchase it from the product’s official website. You can do this by clicking the red button below.

So what are you waiting for? Go for it now!

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