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Weatherproof Wedding Tips

wedding weatherWhen it comes to your wedding, the word “overwhelming” is a huge understatement. Not only is there a number of things that need to be handled and addressed, you’re planning around an event that is taking place sometime in the future and unless you’re a psychic, chances are you won’t be able to prepare for everything. But where the weather is involved, there are a few precautionary steps you can take to make sure you have all your bases covered when your special day comes around.

More often than not, the weather can make or break an otherwise perfect wedding. Regardless of when your wedding date is set for, there is a season that is going to be attached to it and not planning properly can ruin everything you’ve worked so hard for. By taking a little extra consideration when it comes to the weather, you can save yourself a lot of time and grief.

One of the first steps you can do to make sure everyone is on the same page is to create a website or blog dedicated to your wedding. Give the link to your entire wedding party and guest list. Use this as a means of making announcements – even last minute ones – and encourage people to check it often, especially if you post new content, so that they can be aware of everything that is going on from the day you send out invitations to the actual wedding date.

There are two things that can ruin a wedding, weather-wise: extreme heat and rain. If you plan on exchanging vows during the summer, be prepared to address weather related issues. Heat waves can zap the energy of any wedding, cause irritable guests, and a new challenge for hair and makeup for the ladies and the bride. You’ll want to do what you can to make sure your guests are comfortable during the ceremony and reception if your wedding is going to be held outdoors.

Have a set of cold packs chilled and decorated in fabric sleeves (you can even put your monogram on them for a personal touch) and have them handed out as party favors to be used when needed. Decorate the area with parasols in the back row for guests to use to block out the sun.

To avoid sweaty faces in your pictures, have your bridesmaids, maid of honor, groomsmen, and man of honor carry matching handkerchiefs, which they can use to pat away shiny complexions. Summer brides can greatly benefit from updo’s that will prevent sweat from clinging to the hair and ruining curls.

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding during a season when rain is likely, take the extra step of securing a rain policy through the rental company you choose. Also speak with the rental company to arrange last minute setups if needed, such as a tent that can be erected if the rain starts in the middle of the ceremony or reception. This will make sure you and your guests stay dry and won’t interrupt the event.

Wedding Tent

Canopies are also an option for accurate coverage from the rain, and look into valet parking to make sure your guests don’t get wet going to and from. With rain comes mud, which can make a huge mess for you and your nicely dressed guests.

All brides should have an emergency kit on hand and in this kit a stain remover stick or cloth should be included. If mud happens to get on your dress or any of the bridesmaid’s gowns, wait for the mud to dry and flake off.

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