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When I first read It Works reviews, I must admit to being very skeptical about it.

But there seemed to be such a buzz around the product, almost a phenomenon going on in terms of how it was having a positive effect on people who who were using body wraps to lose weight.

So what I’ve done here is to construct a review based on it Works body wraps reviews from the Internet, which I have studied in detail, along with real-world testing by a friend.

It Works was formed in 2001, and you can purchase wraps and supplements through their website. It’s also sold on other retail sites, which I will talk about later. Initial impressions are that the company has been around for some time, but can their body wraps really help you lose weight?


Body Wraps To Lose Weight

Body Wraps Reviews

The theory is that you wrap your body in a specially treated sheet basically, that according to It Works will then remove toxins and vaporize your belly fat, through the special blend of ingredients in the wrap.

The main It Works products for weight loss are the body wraps, so that’s what I’m going to talk about in this review.

The claim is that a unique formula of botanic ingredient based cream will seep into you, toning and tightening your skin naturally and effort free.

I think where credibility is lost for me straight away is the unbelievable claim made that you can start losing body fat in less than an hour. On top of that, none of these claims are backed up by any scientific evidence whatsoever. There are however lots of photographs which could very easily have been modified.

So that’s the theory behind how the body wrap works, you put it on, and it somehow magically digests your fat. But let’s put it to a test.

Does It Work?

What you get is a sort of plastic body wrap. You literally wrap it around the area of your body where you would like to lose fat from.

So my friend tried the It Works 2 day cleanse. I’m not even going to go into the details, but it didn’t work.

The whole theory behind this, and why some people may see a small decrease in size for a very short time, is that it works like a localized sauna. When you go in a sauna it works on the principle of reducing weight through water loss. So wrapping part of your body in this will create local sauna conditions.

The problem is that in a very short space of time, several hours after it has left that area, fluid in the body will be restored naturally. It’s no surprise that It Works are silent on this and don’t appear to have any evidence to back anything up. They claim that the wrap can tighten and tone the body and reduce cellulite, again completely without substance.

Is It A Scam?

scam reportIt’s not often I say this, but I have to be honest and say I think an It works scam is pretty close to the truth.

There is absolutely no evidence that using this product will help you lose weight. They are very cagey about how it could even do that.

On top of that, the ingredients used in the cream that comes with the wrap have absolutely no influence on weight loss at all.

And I think the most damning piece of evidence is that there is an element of multilevel marketing in evidence.

The company tries to recruit people to market their products, which with the high costs, means that it could be lucrative, which is why people would be prepared to not tell the truth about how ineffective it is, and to spend a lot of time putting up fake user reviews.


It Works Customer Reviews


On Amazon on, 43% from more than 200 reviews are one star. I think that tells its own story. On top of that, the positive reviews mostly read like sales pitch is:

“I put my 1st one on at 4pm on Sat for 45 min. As I was told by the Rep I bought it from, I rubbed in the excess lotion off wrap. I woke in the morning and could see a difference. My tummy skin was slightly firmer and soft. I combined this 72hr regime with my kickboxing 3 days/wk and watching my portions with whole food selections. With this combo I am liking the results! I knew these alone were no quick fix but it’s a great jump starter to a life style. After 2 months of every 72hrs I only wrap 1 once a week now and use the refining gel regularly in between and have to say it’s a good product! This regime works great for me as its expensive. Definitely try it the way I used it. Drink lots of water. It’s a great immediate effect to jump start your way to an overall better flatter looking tummy and health. I’m 3 months going strong. It does work for me.”

A typical negative review I think tells the true story:

“This is the biggest scheme ever. “It Works” absolutely 100%, does NOT work. If you buy their garbage you are an idiot…plain and simple.”

On top of this, there are a lot of it Works body wrap complaints as well. People complaining they couldn’t get their money back, that’s the product turns up dried out, and that even though a moneyback guarantee is offered, it is not honored.

For me, there is very little evidence from the hundreds of It Works claims reviews to back up the sales claims.

Price & Where To Buy

If this review hasn’t convinced you to steer clear of buying these wraps, then you can buy It Works wraps and their other products on Amazon.

Currently the It Works price on Amazon is an incredible $74.95 for a box of 4 wraps.

It has supporting products, which you can also buy from Amazon, including a box of just three wipes which apparently if you wipe them overview areas of fat on your body, will help you to lose it. It’s kind of mind-boggling that anyone could fall for it.

Final Verdict

If you’ve read my It Works review from the start when you already know what my conclusion is going to be.

It Works simply does not work.

It’s crazy expensive, there is no science to back it up, there are no studies giving any credence.  Most positive reviews left on websites where you can buy these wraps are obviously fake or from people who are part of the multilevel marketing program.

Recommended Alternative

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