Is GOLO Diet Worth To Buy? The Truth Revealed

In this GOLO Diet review (Last Update 2018) we will explain you what is it, how does it work, side effects, give you prices and best places to purchase it, show you couple customer testimonials and recommend the best alternative.

WARNING: We do not recommend GOLO diet anymore. If you want to skip this review and see the best alternative click here. Otherwise keep reading!

Everyone knows that a long, happy life begins with a healthy body. This is the reason diet supplements, programs and various other products are absolutely flooding the market at a staggering pace. They all claim to be the best, but many miss the mark. So, does GOLO come out on top?

The GOLO diet’s claim to fame is the fact that it was the most searched diet program of 2016. While this is certainly a respectable achievement, it doesn’t automatically mean GOLO gets the crown when it comes to diet programs that work.

We’ll take a close look at the program and even highlight some GOLO diet reviews from real people so you will have all the information you need to make an educated decision.

What Is GOLO Diet?

GOLO is a 3 part system designed to help you achieve optimal insulin levels, which in turn is supposed to cause weight loss, a higher metabolism and other health benefits. The 3 main parts of GOLO are:

  • GOLO Release supplement
  • Booklets: 30 Day Rescue Plan, Creating Matrix Meals and Truth and Change
  • 1 year membership to

golo the plan

GOLO Release is a patented formula from the company and is pretty much the backbone of the program. The supplement is said to improve the performance of insulin already in the body, lower food cravings and increase energy.

The booklets aim to have you consuming foods that will keep your insulin level stable, reduce fat storage and keep energy levels high. Fitness guides are included here as well.

The 1 year membership to provides members with ongoing support and coaching from in-house GOLO staff members. The membership provides other benefits, including:

  • Meal plans
  • Shopping lists
  • Recipes
  • 1 week kickstart plan

How Does GOLO Diet Work?

Insulin resistance is a condition affecting over 80 million Americans and causes increased glucose levels along witha decreased ability to lose weight. This is cause by eating too much food, the wrong kind of food and also not getting enough physical activity.

The GOLO diet is designed to combat this condition, which can actually lead to type 2 diabetes if left untreated. The GOLO diet menu is meant to guide you toward eating foods that provide the correct amounts of insulin to be produced in order to distribute glucose to the cells of your body to be used as energy instead of being stored as fat.

The Release supplement is claimed to have ingredients to promote the burning of fat and also reduce the amount of weight gained. This is partly due to the supplement being engineered in such a way that it reduces your cravings which causes you to eat less food during a meal.

The fitness portion encourages you to keep active which of course aids in fat burning. The program focuses on burst training and spot training. Burst training is essentially short and intense workouts and spot training means to focus primarily on one area of the body; i.e. the stomach.

Spot training is largely considered ineffective by many experts because your body doesn’t favor burning fat in one area over another, not even the area you’re concentrating on. The muscles in the area will benefit but fat burning is distributed evenly across the body, no matter the exercise.

GOLO claims to have studies proving otherwise but this has not yet been confirmed in studies by third party organizations.

GOLO Release Supplement Ingredients

golo release with labelThe ingredients in GOLO’s release supplement are all natural and are largely plant based. The ingredients include:

  • Magnesium – 30mg
  • Zinc – 5mg
  • Chromium – 70mg
  • Proprietary Blend – 450mg (Banaba Extract, Inositol, Rhodiola Extract, Berberine HCI, Gardenia Extract, Salacia Extract, Apple Extract)
  • Traces of other natural ingredients
Is GOLO Diet a Scam?

Scam is a harsh word and it’s thrown around a lot, especially in the diet and supplement space. The information included with the GOLO diet is solid and the membership to allows you to connect with other members for motivation, to ask questions and get advice when needed.

The Release supplement is a bit of a question mark when it comes to its effectiveness because it hasn’t been proven by any studies outside of the ones conducted internally by GOLO itself. Their studies look good and some users claim success but you have to wonder if it’s just a case of smarter eating plus exercise equals better health.

GOLO Side Effects (Release Supplement)

Certainly there would be no side effects from meal planning or exercising, at least none that are undesirable. The Release supplement should be the main concern in this area but no side effects have been documented with its use.

There could be a very mild chance of upset stomach or diarrhea based on the included ingredients but none have been confirmed.

Expected Results from GOLO Diet

There’s no question that if you follow the GOLO diet exactly as outlined you’ll experience positive results. The results might not be as extreme as promised, but the basic principles of healthy eating and proper exercise can never be a negative no matter how it’s presented.

There is a lot of great information included with this program and will certainly help you lose weight and gain more energy if the instructions are followed correctly.

GOLO Weight Loss Reviews from Real People

Enough time has passed since GOLO’s release that many people have had the chance to give it a try. The reviews aren’t overly positive or negative on average, but let’s take a look at what some users have to say.

“Just eat well, and you don’t need this product! This product did absolutely nothing. I was at least looking for a hunger suppressant. Nope, not even that. The idea of metabolic resistance is not new, and it is real, but this product will not do anything to help with that. Again, insulin resistance is real, but this product will not help with that complex issue, nor will it even curb hunger. STAY AWAY. Do not waste your money” – Ann.

“I got my package 11 days ago. I have followed it to the T. I have lost 10 pounds in 11 days. I read every booklet and took everything as exactly as they said. I’m amazed, as nothing else has worked, and I can’t afford NutriSystem, and the food on NutriSystem has horrible ratings. So I couldn’t see paying $300 a month, for a bunch of garbage…” – Susan.

“I am 5’8 and weigh 215. Just started taking GOLO and lost three pounds in twelve days. Wish it were more weight. I am eating mostly protein and veggies but add gluten free oatmeal on each of my three workout days. Also added weight resistance training to help get my BMI down from 42.2 to 25” – Angela.

Take a look also at some before and after photos found online.

golo before and after photos

These reviews of the weight loss program are typical of what see you all over the web regarding this product. Some say it works great, others say it doesn’t work at all and some get mild results. The differences could because of different expectations from the users but GOLO does make pretty big promises.

Looking over each GOLO diet review, there is no doubt that the meal and exercise guides promote healthy living but it’s largely up to the individual to follow through.

GOLO Pros and Cons


  • Allows you to eat a variety of foods without sacrificing
  • Great recipes included
  • 1 year membership to is good for motivation
  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle


  • Most of the information is available for free elsewhere
  • Effectiveness of Release supplement is questionable

How Much Does it Cost and Where Can You Buy It?

There are 3 options when purchasing GOLO diet. 30-day, 60-day and 90-day. You get a discount by purchasing more than 30 days at once. The amount of days purchased is directly related to the amount of Release supplement.

  • 30-Day: $49.95
  • 60-Day: $79.95
  • 90-Day: $99.90

You can order the GOLO diet program directly from their website,

golo prices

Final Verdict

After carefully reviewing the GOLO diet, it’s clear that it does indeed provide some benefit. Following the program will cause you to lose weight which is the main focus of the entire system.

The main issue is that it seems most of the positive results come from the included diet and exercise information, which may just be a way of selling their supplement in a roundabout fashion. The reviews certainly draw attention to the program’s shortcomings.

You can find most of the valuable information online with a few searches and it will probably be more in depth than what’s found in GOLO. None of the info here is bad, but it seems tacked on to sell the supplement and also serves as a backup plan when the supplement ends up providing no results on its own.

Recommended Alternative

phen375 bottles

Phen 375 is, in many ways, a similar system to GOLO but all of its components work together to help you lose weight fast.

Where GOLO seems to be a little disorganized and disjointed, Phen 375 is focused on the areas that really matter. Helping you burn calories with a mix of effective ingredients and an amazing program to follow to keep your self on track.

GOLO falls short but Phen 375 picks up the slack. If your looing for an effective all around weight loss solution, look not further. Order Phen 375 now.

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