Is Advocare Worth To Buy? The Truth Revealed

In this Advocare review (Last Update 2018) we will explain you what is it, how does it work, what are its ingredients, side effects, give you prices and best places to purchase it, show you couple customer testimonials and recommend best alternative.

WARNING: We do not recommend Advocare. If you want to skip this review and see the best alternative click here. Otherwise keep reading!

I’ve recently become aware of how many positive Advocare reviews there are appearing all over the Internet.

There are a myriad of diet plans and programs out there. Absolutely hundreds of packaged up products that claim to deliver significant weight loss if you simply use them in the right order and follow what they say.

It all sounds incredibly simple, and the reviews I’ve read make the Advocare diet sound so simple that you wonder why every overweight person on the planet isn’t using it. So what’s the truth about this diet?

What Is Advocare?

24 day challenge

The Advocare 24 day challenge is a complete system to kickstart significant weight loss. Or that’s what the company who makes it want you to think it does.

There are other products in the range, such as:

  • Advocare Spark
  • Advocare Herbal Slim
  • Advocare Herbal Cleanse
  • Advocare Meal Replacement Shakes

But for the purpose of this review, I’m going to look at the 24 day challenge as this contains the core Advocare slim products.

At its heart, you have an Advocare cleanse and detox system, backed up by a change in diet and certain booster products which are meant to help along way.

The problem here is that your body through hundreds of thousands of years of evolution is already highly efficient at removing toxins from your system at a healthy rate. Trying to use things that accelerate or fine tune this process is usually just hype and can even be detrimental to your body.

Advocare Ingredients:  What’s In It?

The diet is split into two phases where you take different products, the first is called the cleanse and digestion phase.

During this first phase you take three products:

  • OmegaPlex, which is just an Omega-3 supplement
  • Advocare Spark, which is a multi-vitamin supplement drink
  • Herbal cleanse system, this is a fiber supplement that is supposed to cleanse your system

The problem with this entire first phase is that there is nothing in it which would really looks like it could give you the kickstart it claims.

For a start, Omega-3 is just a general component of healthy nutrition, not specifically about weight loss. Secondly, a multivitamin drink is not replacing anything that has been lost if you are eating healthily. And thirdly, the herbal cleanse system contains nothing you can’t get just by eating good fiber within normal foods.

The second phase is the max power phase which almost makes me cringe typing it.

It contains what is called a “metabolic nutrition system”. It’s meant to improve energy in appetite control through basically packs of supplements containing vitamins and minerals. It feels a bit like the company have thrown in as many vitamins and minerals as possible to make it sound powerful.

The bottom line here is that the ingredients of Advocare suggest nothing in them that could kickstart the healthy lifestyle and weight loss the company claims.


Is The Advocare Meal Plan Worth Following?

The basic concept is not unusual, it’s the same as things like Weight Watchers. You use meal replacement shakes to maintain nutrition but at the cost of eating a meal. This can increase initial weight loss, but as soon as you stop doing it you have removed the basis of change.

The shakes also contain the usual fillers which are designed to stop you feeling hungry. But there are more powerful protein shakes out there, that contain whey, and are generally lower in sugar. These shakes are water-based as well, which means they don’t even contain milk which can also be more filling.

Basically the max power phase of the diet contains all the same ingredients as the initial phase. And on top of that, there’s not really a specific meal plan you follow with this 24 day challenge.

Advocare Weight Loss: Does It Work?

You want your honest answer here? No it doesn’t.

This is a product packed full of everyday ingredients that you can get through your normal diet. There is no official meal plan, just recommendations.

The protein shakes included are water-based and not as filling as competitors.

I would be amazed if at the end of the challenge anyone has lost much weight beyond initial water weight loss at all.

You’re also cut adrift at the end of 24 days. The only recommendation in the included Advocare guide is that you eat healthily, exercise and drink lots of water. I mean really!

Advocare Complaints: Is It A Scam?

I’m pretty close to saying that Advocare complaint levels make it close to a scam. The people who make this product must be aware of its limited potential in comparison to its claims.

There are lots of complaints on lots of sites about this product. Taking a look on Amazon at the Advocare 24 day challenge, chocolate flavor bundle, from 174 reviews, 32% give one star. Typical comments include:

“Not worth the money if you have strong cravings this isn’t enough to stop them, you will also need amazing will power”

“I spent 198.00 dollars on this nasty crap and it did not do anything for me at all.”

Then there are the blatant attempts from fake reviewers to get you to buy through the company’s Pyramid scheme:

“When I tried advocare through a distributor it was great. But when I ordered on Amazon it hurt my tummy. Not sure if this stuff is legit. But I will definitely not order it again from Amazon.”

Where To Buy Advocare Products

The most obvious place to buy Advocare is from their own website. Alternatively from one of their authorized resellers.

The problem with these options are that you get automatically put into a repeat order system.

Alternatively you could get the individual products or the 24 day challenge Pack from Amazon. However wherever you buy this from you going to pay an eye watering $200 or more.

Advocare Review: Summing Up

This product is just an empty and toxic mix of ingredients that do nothing combined that will really kickstart significant, healthy or long-lasting weight loss.

My conclusion in this review of Advocare unfortunately has to be that there is no evidence at all that you will lose weight healthily using this system.

I can see no positives and many cons about this product:

  • It is sold through distributors with a vested interest in positive reviews
  • It’s incredibly expensive
  • None of the ingredients are proven to do anything significant
  • All of the ingredients are available in a balanced diet
  • There was no detailed food plan or exercise plan to follow
  • There is no scientific evidence or trials to back up the claims
Recommended Alternative

phen375 bottlesSo for me, if you want something simple to help you to start weight loss other than trying to follow a diet and exercise plan, then I’m going to suggest you take a look at a fat burning product called Phen375.

It’s one simple tablet, containing ingredients proven to back up the claims. It can help you burn fat, lower food cravings and potentially increase your metabolism.

A product like Phen375 is far more likely to be a good way of reinforcing a change in your lifestyle to start weight loss in comparison to spending a huge amount of money on something like Advocare.

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