Beauty Tips For The Biker Chick

biker chick

Who said you had to look like a tough biker when it comes to riding motorcycles? Female riders can look feminine and beautiful even in full gear and a helmet. The trick: keeping your complexion feeling and looking fresh and sporting hair that can withstand even the longest ride. With these simple beauty tips, any woman can look her best on and off the bike.


Wind can totally murder your hair. Wearing a helmet makes maintaining a nice hairstyle difficult to begin with, so your best bet is to wear your hair in a ponytail or braid. Wind ripping through your hair while riding a motorcycle can make your tresses prone to split ends, breakage, and dryness.

Before getting on your bike, prep your hair by using hair products that contain essential vitamins to keep your strands strong, manageable, and shiny. If you plan on wearing your hair down and as is, it is important to note that when the hair is exposed to the wind and flies freely as you’re cruising, be prepared for some major kinks and tangles. No matter the hair type, most female riders have experienced painful knots and kinks in their hair at one time or another.

Because it’s difficult to keep your hair looking great while wearing a helmet, most female motorcycle riders wear bandanas or other types of head scarves. This keeps the hair in place and avoids embarrassing “helmet hair,” as well as flyaways. Coordinate the color of your bandana with your riding gear for a sportingly stylish look.


It may seem silly to have on a full face of makeup while riding a motorcycle, but most women want to look great after the bike has been parked and the helmet comes off. Luckily, there are a few options to help you look your best. The type of makeup you wear will depend on the type of helmet you have. Riders with full-face motorcycle helmets will find wearing a full palette of foundation and powder a nuisance, since this type of helmet covers the entire head and most of the face.

Because helmets are supposed to fit snuggly against your face, any makeup applied would get rubbed off anyway, so save yourself some time and go natural with your complexion. The best way to look hot while wearing a full-face helmet is to play up your eye makeup. Apply any gloss or lipstick after you get off the bike, as it may smear during the ride.

For female motorcycle riders wearing a ¾ shell helmet (similar to a full-face that covers the top of the head, neck and ears but instead of wrapping around the front of the face, a chinstrap is used) or a half shell helmet (looks like a beanie), the options for makeup are more open. Wearing sunscreen or SPF-based foundation, powders, and bronzers are ideals for these types of riders since more of the face is exposed to the sun while riding.

You can play up your eyes or your lips to your heart’s content since there’s no helmet in the way. However, one thing to remember is that just like bugs hitting a car’s windshield, insects and other debris can also run into a rider’s face, so it may be wise to keep your makeup simple while riding and then apply the rest after you’ve arrived at your destination and have time to check yourself out in the mirror.

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