5 Reasons Non-Surgical Breast Enhancement Is Better

When you think of getting bigger breasts, if you are like 90% of women, your first thought is to look for surgery. The people in Hollywood, the actresses, models, and just about everyone in between uses surgery in order to be the quick fix. This doesn’t mean it is the best method to start off with. There are plenty of alternatives that are not as dangerous, do not have the long term health implications, and do not cost as much.

Just consider that these breast implant procedures are impossible to reverse. Even if it is possible for you to get the silicon removed from the breast, it will still leave scars and other marks that you will never be able to remove from your body.

Problems with Implant Surgery and 5 Reasons to Avoid It

There are plenty of problems with getting breast implant surgery.  Here are 5 main reasons to avoid surgery and some alternatives.

  • You can never go back – As we described above, you’ll find that the surgery is impossible to go back from. You don’t get a second chance. If you have a procedure when you are feeling emotional, you cannot have a quick fix ready and waiting. You’ll have to do something completely different
  • It costs a lot of money – What is worse, you will probably spend a lot of money on this type of thing because you are going to have it done as elective surgery. This means higher costs for your surgery than if you needed some healthcare or medical coverages. All of the money that you use to pay for healthcare will not cover this at all because it is a cosmetic procedure and not a necessary one.
  • It is less appealing to the opposite sex – ask any guy who feels a real breast versus a fake pair and he will tell you. The fake one is less appealing, less natural, and it is just better to have larger breasts from a natural method. If there are alternatives, which we will explain later, to surgery you should opt for a better feeling breast anyway.
  • It comes with a huge risk – You might think that they have been doing these surgeries long enough to mitigate the risk, but there are too many unknowns to fully protect you. The silicon and other filling breast implants might explode while inside your body for no reason and this is a very dangerous and problematic issue to keep in mind.
  • They don’t last – Not only is it a huge safety risk, but when you are older you are going to find they do not last very well. The implants start to have problems and that can lead to safety concerns as well as poor aesthetic appearance. Older women who have breast implants suddenly have changes to their body and the breast implants don’t change with them.

The best way to get non-surgical breast enhancement is to look for creams and natural products. There are many of these products that you might be able to find online. One of them is called Breast Actives cream and it is filled with natural ingredients that will help to improve the size of your breasts.

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