Sono Bello Review 2018: Customer Testimonials, Results, Side Effects, Price, & Where To Buy It

WARNING: Last Update August 2018
We do not recommend Sono Bello. If you want to skip this review and go straight to the best alternative click here. Otherwise keep reading. We have some interesting stuff to share.

In this article (Last Update 2018) we will explain you what is Sono Bello, how does it work, what are the procedures, side effects, show you couple customer reviews, give you prices and recommend best place to buy it.

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Who does not want to look beautiful and aesthetically attractive?

Every single being on the face of the earth, but in case of females, the need of looking attractive and beautiful is way more common than males. Thus, women are always ready to take even the drastic measures to retain their beauty and youth for eternity.

We are breathing in the era of science and technology when every impossible dream is turning into possible one and the same thing is true about the cosmetic industry as today, dodging age is not a big deal through various procedures that are readily available for the general public.

This article will also be discussing one of the cosmetic centers Sono Bello.

Sono Bello procedures appear to be an easy way out to torch away a few pounds but are they really that much effective?

What Is Sono Bello?

Sono Bello is one of the cosmetic surgery companies. Sono Bello claims to specialize in body and facial cosmetic surgeries in a professional way!

Sono Bello has named different categories of the procedures and then there are subcategories of each.

Moreover, these operations promise to decrease the percentage of cellulite, eliminate fat tissues and aid the taker to reduce excess weight.

However, most of the customer testimonials’ online say otherwise.

Dr. Tom Garrison founded Sono Bello medical center in the year of 2008. There are 40 + locations of Sono Bello nationwide.

Sono Bello Procedures

As per the company’s claims, Sono Bello treatments or operations are the apt way out that can help the customers in their body transformations in terms of shape and youthful appearance.

  • Micro-Laser Lipo With TriSculpt®

They are one of the most advanced Liposuction treatments available, according to the company.

There are various surgeries and there is no hard and fast rule regarding what surgeries will be done on the patient. It depends on the patient’s requirement and doctor’s suggestion.

The patient is likely to expect the removal of stubborn fat in the problematic areas just with one single visit and will be able to get natural looking, better toned, and a leaner body shape.

  • Facial Treatments

The face is just like an asset and to have an impactful personality, it is important to possess eye-appealing face. Moreover, it supports bringing out the confidence within you.

Speaking of the vitality of an aesthetically appealing face, in this category, the patients will be able to avail all the procedures and treatment that are likely to be supportive for face rejuvenation.

Facelifts or facial treatments are the most common treatments in the cosmetic industry.

These treatments may include temporary to semi-permanent (long-lasting) treatments or cures.

Particularly, they include solutions for hanging cheeks, droopy eyes, sagging necks, or wrinkles.

  • Micro-Laser Lipo With TriSculpt E/X™

There are individuals who need to get rid of excess fat and skin sagging and they are willing to remove more than just a few pounds.

TriSculpt is suitable for small eliminations of just a few lbs whereas Micro Lipo with TriSculpt E/X includes both the procedures; TriSculpt micro-laser lipo fat removal as well as the post removal of skin sagging.

Therefore, this combo includes cures and procedures that can eliminate the problem of unwanted fat and loose skin in the lower abdominal part to provide the patient toned and well-sculpted look from head to toe.

How Does It Work?

  • Customized Plan

Every individual has different needs. Thus, the plans are 100 % customized.

First of all, the patient meets the physician (as per the company claim) to discuss the areas where they are willing to have these procedures done. It is totally up to the individual preference and requirements.

  • In Office Procedures

The patient remains in the awaken state while the procedures are being performed.

They just receive localized anesthesia in the parts of the body where the physician is operating the surgery. This way the patient even can communicate with the physician during the operation.

Moreover, the physicians find it useful because they can manage to position the patients as per the requirement calls for. It is important to remember, during the procedure, the patients do not feel anything because they are on the medications that aid them to feel relax and comfortable during the surgery.

  • Micro-Laser Assisted Liposuction

To provide professional touches, special laser-assisted equipment is part of these surgeries.

The micro-laser is quite small and that is why it is able to cover even tiny areas that usually are more difficult to work on like chin or upper arm area.

The method offers professional touch to the work with the help of power-assisted micro cannulas and encourages the formation of collagen, which can help the tightening of the skin, and offers smooth & refined look to the treated parts.

  • Excess Skin Removal

This step is part of Micro-Laser Lipo with TriSculpt E/X category. In this step, unwanted excess lower abdominal loose skin is removed to attain a better-sculpted and toned looks.

Side Effects

side effects

Well, it is important to learn what potential side effects are of these surgeries.

To cut a long story short, there is not one set of side effects because Sono Bello surgeries’ side effects are up to the chosen procedure, Sono Bello company offers various facial rejuvenation and body contouring treatments.

Is Sono Bello A Scam?

Well, Sono Bello seems like a scam.

Why is it so?

It will cost the patients thousands of dollars and it will be highly disappointing when these Sono Bello procedures do not work as per their claims.

There are a significant number of customers who have not got satisfactory results after these procedures.

Furthermore, there are various clinical studies that confirm that 100% cellulite reduction is not possible through these so-called Sono Bello procedures, and the results are quite slow and time-consuming.

Sono Bello Customer Testimonials & Complaints

Lisa Mark (age: 39):

If I say my experience was painful, it will be an understatement. I had my surgery last year, the surgery went the right way but its healing process was nothing less than a nightmare. It was so painful that I ended up once again in the hospital because there was an infection and I had to take a long treatment. Totally, it is not a worthy experience.

Reena Jack (age: 53):

I had facial rejuvenation a few years back. It is disappointing because the results are transitory. I spent excessively to get results but nothing permanent. Thus, it is not recommendable at all.

Rosa Mike (age: 49):

I had a surgery on my thigh area. It did not go well. Now, I have my right thigh larger than my left thigh due to the surgeon’ stupidity. Nothing can be done and I have a deform leg.


As these procedures are customized, there are no fixed rates available on the official website except starting price ranges of $1395 or $2995.

Well, the Sono Bello offers different payment methods that one can check on the affordability section of the website and for getting, the exact figure for the expense.

It is important to contact consultant of the company first.

Where Can I Buy Sono Bello?

The buyers can contact Sono Bello Company at their official number-1-800-995-1136 or visit the official site –

sono bello official website

Does Sono Bello Offer Any Money Return Policy?

Unfortunately, there are no money refund policies available.


Well after reading all the customer reviews and material online, the matter is quite skeptical.

The cosmetic procedures are not much appreciated in the eyes of science either, due to lack of positive evidence and when the companies like Sono Bello provide mix results, one will need to be extra cautious.

After all, a huge amount of money, health, and looks are at stake because later these procedures, there will be no going back!


Is this treatment safe?
A quick visit to the official Sono Bello website can be quite motivating, and the brand claims to provide a completely safe procedure that will help the customer achieve the body they have been dreaming of for years.

Further research, however, points to a number of possible side-effects and safety concerns that people interested in these procedures should be aware of.

In particular, the laser lipo techniques used by this company has been associated with scarring, sagging skin, dimpling, skin necrosis, lumpiness, and even burning.

Additionally, a hidden “danger” of laser lipo is the possibility of developing an infection post procedure.

Individuals should be sure they carefully consider the risks, especially since certain types of anesthesia is used in these procedures.

Does this procedure hurt?
Sono Bello is offering a popular laser-lipo fat removal service and promises safe procedures, but many people are asking whether these procedures will cause them to experience any pain.

We found that there are many people who have undergone these procedures without any particular complaints.

At the same time, however, there are a few people who have complained about the procedure being painful.

Some individuals have reported pain during the procedure, but this can often be avoided with the right anesthesia techniques.

Afterward, however, some people may also experience some pain and discomfort in the treated areas.

Should the pain be severe and not get better, the patient is advised to visit their local Sono Bello center for advice or to see a doctor for a physical examination.

How much fat can this treatment remove?
A common question asked regarding Sono Bello procedures is how much fat can truly be removed with these procedures.

This company essentially offers laser lipo fat removal, which means a general limit of five liters per session applies.

The five liters does not apply to fat only, but rather a combination of fat that is melted and combined with a liquid that the physician is applying the procedure will use to infiltrate the fat.

The liquid used is also applied in order to act as a pain management mechanism.

When it comes to the total amount of fat that can be removed with these procedures, the question becomes more difficult. It really depends from one person to another.

Factors such as the weight the person is at when they start Sono Bello sessions, for example, will have a considerable impact on how much fat can be removed from the individual.

The specific area being targeted also has an impact on this question.

Does this treatment work on arms?
Sono Bello is known to be more effective in certain parts of the body.

Fortunately, one factor that sets this particular brand apart from many others is the fact that they offer different types of techniques that can be used, depending on the specific region being targeted in the treatment.

The TriSculpt E/X Micro-Sculpting technology offered by the Sono Bello seems to be the most effective option to be used on a patient’s arms.

This particular option provides a more targeted approach to reducing fat accumulation and also helps to tighten the skin while fat is being removed.

Does this treatment leave scars?
Even though promoted as “laser lipo,” it is important for patients interested in undergoing Sono Bello procedures to realize that an incision will still be made to suck melted fat from the targeted areas.

Thus, it is not uncommon to ask whether scars will be left behind following each procedure.

Unfortunately for those concerned about scars, laser lipo is known to cause scarring as a side-effect.

A possible solution to this downside would be to apply an effective brightening serum or scar treatment oil to the area as soon as it has healed.

Is this treatment permanent?
Results from Sono Bello treatments are readily available on the internet and, according to the brand, they have already helped thousands of people lose fat in stubborn areas.

The question now is whether the results from these sessions are permanent.

The key to understanding this question is to know that the fat removed from these sessions will be permanent.

This, however, does not mean the patient will not be able to gain the fat back following the treatment.

To maintain their new weight, the patient needs to start incorporating a healthier diet into their life and also ensure they participate in frequent and appropriate exercises.

Without such lifestyle adjustments, the patient may end up gaining back the fat that was removed through the Sono Bello sessions.

Is Sono Bello the same as liposuction?
Sono Bello primarily makes use of laser technology in order to reduce fat.

The technology is promoted as “laser liposuction.”

Thus, it is quite common for people to ask whether the procedure is similar to regular liposuction techniques used to remove fat from targeted areas in the human body.

There are similarities, yes.

With standard liposuction, fat is removed through a vacuum-like device. With laser lipo, fat is first melted underneath the skin.

Thereafter, however, a small incision is usually made, and then the melted fat is removed from the patient’s body.

Anesthesia is used to help reduce pain during the procedure.

What is the difference between Sono Bello and Coolsculpting?
Both Sono Bello and Coolsculpting have become popular ways for people struggling to lose fat to finally achieve the body they desire, but there is a major difference between these procedures that patients should realize.

With Coolsulpting, fat is frozen and then disposed by the body. Sono Bello, however, utilizes a special laser technology that essentially melts the fat.

Once the fat has been melted, it is then removed through the use of a vacuum device from the targeted area where the laser was applied.

Is this treatment covered by insurance?
Due to the high prices associated with Sono Bello sessions, patients often want to know if their health insurance policies would cover the costs of these treatments.

Unfortunately, no health insurance plans currently cover laser lipo sessions.

The Sono Bello brand has, however, partnered up with a couple of financial firms to provide their customers the ability to undergo laser liposuction sessions and pay for these treatments over the course of several months or years, depending on the final cost of the patient’s treatment.

Individuals interested in these financing offers should be aware of the fact that these loans will incur interest rates and other fees, which means they will ultimately be paying more than they would have paid if they decide to pay cash for the treatments.

So, what do you think about our Sono Bello review? Would you buy this product or not? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. Barb says:

    What are the pros and cons of liposuction vs. coolsculpting for cellulite thighs? My thighs are very big compared to the rest of my body, deeply dimpled and fat with cellulite.

  2. Debar Akers says:

    I wish I had read this before I was sucked into having my procedures. I’ve been conned out of $13,000. When I talked to the office manager,Melinda, she assured me she was going to ” go to bat for me” It was just more scam. Please do not fall for this. I am going to report to bbb. I had already had liposuction 10 years ago by a respected and responsible doctor in Springfield. But, St. Louis was closer. Big mistake. I spent less than half the price in Springfield and was satisfied. Please do not go to Sonobello! !!

  3. w.ingram says:

    These people are a rip off. Sounds like a class act law suit waiting. They play friendly to get you to spend your money and then lie to you about everything else afterwards.

  4. Jody says:

    I don’t even know where to begin, I have been losing weight for about 5 years and working out. I was down about 40 pounds and struggling on some of my areas no matter how much I worked out. My husband saw a commercial for Sono Bello and told me about it. He said NOT that you need it but I know how hard you have been working so lets go see what it’s about. The morning of my appt I was very nervous, my husband and I got there and then was greeted by Stephanie, She was amazing!!! She made me feel like I deserved this and talked to us a long time and addressed all our concerns. After making my appointment I got home and google Sono Bello, after reading all the bad things about it I started to have second thoughts and wanted to cancel. After googling Sono Bello St Louis I felt a little better, Finally positive things being said. I called Stephanie and told her I was having second thoughts after reading bad reviews and everything she said made me feel better. I know what you are thinking, that is her job and that’s how I felt too…. SO moving forward to the day of surgery, I had my upper and lower stomach done, my hips done and they extracted my fat from my lower stomach. My Doctor was AWESOME!! the surgery nurse was AWESOME, they really took the time to make sure I was comfortable. I went home and was very sore, not going to lie it was more pain then I thought I could take. I was very surprised at how fast you could see a difference even with all the swelling. 2 weeks later I had my arms and inner thighs done. I want to say that I didn’t feel any pain at all during this, YES they keep you awake during the process and constantly asked if I was okay. My only pain was my right arm during the surgery. I just had my 3 month post op appointment with Nurse Amber and I am VERY HAPPY and so is my husband about my results so far and I still have some swelling. I want to say that for the most part eat low carb, work out 3 days a week and I will NOT let this be for nothing. It was a lot of money and painful but I’m so happy my husband thought I was worth spending the money to do this. My daughters are overjoyed at how I look, one even said, holy crap mom look at your curves. I cant thank Stephanie, Dr Shatz and Nurse Amber for everything they have done for me. Not only them but EVERYONE in the St louis office is so friendly and caring. I was almost discourage from doing this because of reviews so I really hope this helps anyone that has the money to do this that really wants it, WILL!!! After my 6 month apt I will post before and after pictures. I want to wait until I’m fully healed for everyone to see my results… BUT if you don’t believe me, I will post pictures… Thank you again Sona Bello for everything! Its taken me 45 years to feel good about myself! OH and I’m down over 50 pounds now and cant wait to see at my last appt how many inches I have lost!

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