Can Smart Balls Make Your Vagina Tighter?

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If you are suffering from a loose vagina you’ll be happy to hear about smart balls and how they can help tighten your vagina. Anything that you can do to tighten your vagina is going to lead to a healthier sexual life and when combined with Kegel exercises, these smart balls are an effective solution for a loose vagina.

What Are Smart Balls?

Smart balls are latex balls that fit into the vagina and are used to help strengthen the pelvic floor, which in turn leads to a tighter vagina. They are designed to be felt easily when inserted. They are a better exercise tool than other vaginal devices like cones, since a lot of women have a hard time keeping these other ones in the vagina if it is too loose.

How They Work

Do smart balls help in tightening vagina? Yes. Smart balls can be used on their own or along with Kegel exercises. When used on their own the woman inserts them into the vagina and then spends some time walking around with them inside. She’ll need to make an effort to keep them in place and this exercises the muscles in the pelvic region.

Smart balls can also be inserted before doing Kegel exercises. Some people believe that this is the only way that smart balls should in fact be used. Opponents to using them on their own believe that inserting these balls for too long at a time can do more damage than good. They say that the pelvic muscles may get overexerted this way and can actually become damaged.

When used with the Kegel exercises, however, smart balls are only left in for a few minutes at a time and act as a type of weight resistance tool. The balls are inserted right before the exercises begin and are removed upon completion. This means that they are only left in the vagina for 5 to 10 minutes at a time.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

When you do Kegel exercises it usually takes a few months to start seeing results. Smart balls can be used to help speed up the process if you are running out of patience and want to get a tighter vagina faster.

The Benefits Of Using Smart Balls

Smart balls can certainly make your vagina tighter, but not only that, they also help to improve the sexual drive. You’ll find that once your vagina tightens up you’ll have a greater sexual urge. Also, you’ll be in better control of your sexual orgasms and find them more intense.

Other Benefits

If you are suffering from incontinence you will experience great relief by using smart balls along with your Kegel exercises. Especially women that have

Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) see results quite quickly. SUI is a result of weak muscles at the base of the pelvis. Women with this condition will leak urine whenever they sneeze, cough, laugh or do anything that exerts pressure on the area.

Once a woman has gotten into the routine of doing her Kegels, however, she will leak less urine. In many cases this condition will clear right up. Also, by doing Kegel exercises along with smart balls, Stress Urinary Incontinence can be prevented.


Smart balls are effective solution for natural vaginal tightening. They can either be worn around the house while you are going about your housework or be a part of your Kegel exercises routine. They will give you more power when you are doing these exercises to help speed up the process of getting a tighter vagina.

Smart Balls Alternative

3 bottlesIf you are looking for immediate results there is another option available to you. You can use V-Tight Gel – vaginal tightening cream that will give you instant tightening. This product is used before sexual intercourse and has an extreme tightening effect.

While there are different creams on the market, we have found this one to be the best. Click here to see how V Tight Gel can help with vaginal tightening.

Many women have used this cream along with the exercises and smart balls and have experienced wonderful results. If you want to find out why this cream is so popular, then you need to read our review now!

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