What Are The Causes Of Loose Vagina?

vagina problemThere is a common myth in circulation that too much sex can make a vagina looser, but this is not really a truth. A vagina can lose its elasticity for many reasons. Below I will show you the most popular.

  • Pregnancy

There are a lot of things going on with your body during pregnancy. Hormones are flying and both your mental and physical states are trying to keep up with these changes. Tightness doesn’t really have anything to do with the vagina itself but rather the muscles at the bottom of the pelvic floor.

During pregnancy these muscles are bombarded with hormones that are stretching them and getting them loosened up for the delivery. We can therefore conclude that vagina can get loose from being pregnant. But keep in mind that such state of pregnancy is natural and should be welcomed. It means that your body is doing its job properly.

  • Childbirth

Childbirth is definitely one of the causes of loose vagina, especially in older women that wait until their thirties or forties to have a child. A young healthy woman on her twenties, on the other hand, will usually not be affected.

A younger woman’s vagina will expand during labor, of course, but it will go right back into position within 6 months. Women that have multiple births at a young age may not be so lucky. Like an elastic, multiple stretching of the vagina can loosen it up. The muscles are getting tired and may not go back into shape as they should.

A woman in her thirties or forties will usually end up with a loose vagina after childbirth. A woman at this age will often notice a loose vagina after pregnancy, even after only having one child, and it remains this way until it is addressed. One of the reasons why this happens is the vagina is already suffering through the aging process and becoming loose on its own. The childbirth is just an added contributing factor.

  • Aging

Aging is another one of the loose vagina causes. It makes sense too. Any muscle that does not receive its fair share of exercise will loosen up over time. This is what’s happening to the muscles at the bottom of the pelvis. They need to be worked on in order to remain in shape. If not, the aging process will be unkind and the vagina will feel looser.

  • Naturally loose vagina

Can a vagina get loose naturally? Yes. Some women have a vagina that is naturally loose. In these cases the only thing the woman can do is to look at the options for tightening the vagina.

How To Recover From Loose Vagina?

There are a lot of different things that you can do to recover a tight vagina. One such thing is to do exercises that address the pelvic floor directly called Kegel exercises. These help to build up the muscles, which results in a tighter vagina. The Kegels are easy to do and only require a few minutes of your time every day.

Along with these exercises there are devices you can use like smart balls to tighten your vagina. These can be used with the exercises or on their own.

Surgery to handle these causes of loose vagina is not recommended. It is expensive and you may not end up getting the results you expect after spending an absolute fortune. There have been a lot of women who have not been happy with the results of vaginal tightening surgery. It is an invasive therapy that is considered cosmetic and it is not covered by medical insurance. It is best to stick with the Kegel exercises.

V-Tight Gel As An Another Solution

v-tight gelAs you can see, there are ways to handle this situation no matter what the causes of loose vagina may be. Exercises and devices can help.

However, if you’re looking for immediate relief then  you can be combine these methods with a vaginal tightening cream like V-TightGel.

This will add up to both a short and a long-term solution that will give you a tighter vagina permanently.

To find out more about the cream we recommend the most, please feel free to visit our V tight Gel review.

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