Cardio Exercises – Choose The Best For You

cardio exercises

Cardio exercises are the basic of all slimming training. Nothing allows to get rid of unwanted fat us aerobic exercises. Thanks to it we can effectively get rid of extra fat tissue, and uncover our muscles. Numerous kinds of cardio exercises gives practically unlimited variations of possibilities. Unfortunately, when we have too wide field of choice, we usually make a bad choice. Optimal matching of exercises is very important, as it allows effectively burn unwanted fat build-up.

Obesity and overweight may be undoubtedly called the diseases of XXI century. More and more people can “be proud” of BMI which is way above set, save standards. To high body mass is very dangerous, as it lead to many diseases, and diabetes is one of the less harmful ones. Many of these diseases are so dangerous, that their long untreatment may cause early death.

Health aspect, and promoted in mass media ideal of male and female body (which is regular silhouette with no visible sign of fat tissue) are reasons for which more and more people go on diet. Of course you can use diet only, but it will not as effective as connecting it with physical activity. It is very important for fat burning training, to consist both, shaping and cardio exercises. It is cardio training which allows to burn extra fat tissue.

When Do We Burn Fat Tissue?

Fat tissue in human organism burns in oxygen conditions. Oxygen conditions are created whenever amount of oxygen provided for our body is higher than general need for it. Proper supply of oxygen allows our body to give energy for working muscles, from oxidized fat. However remember that first 20 – 25 minutes of physical activity gets energy from metabolized carbohydrates (muscle glycogen, liver glycogen, glucose). Only after this time, majority of energy comes from fats. Summing up, burning extra fat tissue needs oxygen conditions (cardio, aerobic, oxygen training) after 20-25 minutes of starting exercises.

Cardio Exercises

Working as a trainer, many times I’ve been asked about features of cardio training. Cardio training is sort of physical activity, which can be done for longer time with moderate intensity. From physiological aspect, cardio training involves musculoskeletal system, respiratory system and blood circulation system. Long-time duration and high involvement of respiratory and circulation system differ cardio training from shaping exercises. With above assumptions, we can say that cardio exercises are among others: running, riding a bike, swimming, Nordic Walking, rollerblading, walking and orbitrek or stepper exercises.

Choosing Cardio Exercise

Proper match of cardio exercise has significance for efficiency of cardio training. Improperly selected cardio exercise not only will fail to realize your aims, but also can lead do frustration and disaffection with whole kind of physical activity. Before you choose optimal exercise, you should consider following factors:

  • Actual level of your physical condition

Running of somebody who has high overweight, and has been training last time in primary school is useless. Such person should start his/her training from cardio exercises which feature less intensity, e.g. walking.

  • Available training equipment

Somebody who hasn’t got stepper, shouldn’t plan training on it, because there will be no such possibility.

  • Personal preferences

Contrary to common opinion, it is very important to do exercises which you like, and which bring you satisfaction. Always remember that training – no matter what – should not be the source of disgracing duty.

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